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- Scarborough -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Scarborough Details
Council Type District
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 26
Labour 13
LibDems 0
Greens 2
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 4
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 50
Councillors:26 13 0 2 5 0 0 4 0

Scarborough Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Paul CrossLABCastle02-05-2019
Mrs Janet JeffersonINDCastle02-05-2019
Ms Roberta Florence SwiersCONCayton02-05-2019
Simon GreenCONCayton02-05-2019
David L BillingLABCentral02-05-2019
Eric BroadbentLABCentral02-05-2019
Clive PearsonCONDanby02-05-2019
Mrs Heather PhillipsCONDerwent Valley02-05-2019
David C JeffelsCONDerwent Valley02-05-2019
Jonathan DoddsUKIEastfield02-05-2019
Tony RandersonLABEastfield02-05-2019
John WarburtonLABEastfield02-05-2019
Phillip Henry TrumperCONEsk Valley02-05-2019
Guy CoulsonCONEsk Valley02-05-2019
John RitchieLABFalsgrave02-05-2019
Liz CollingLABFalsgrave02-05-2019
Colin HaddingtonUKIFiley02-05-2019
Sam CrossUKIFiley02-05-2019
Mike CockerillINDFiley02-05-2019
Mrs Jane E MortimerCONFylingdales02-05-2019
Michelle Donohue-MoncrieffCONHertford02-05-2019
Godfrey W AllansonCONHertford02-05-2019
G Andrew BackhouseCONLindhead02-05-2019
David ChanceCONMayfield02-05-2019
Gerald DennettLABMayfield02-05-2019
Mrs Marie HarlandCONMulgrave02-05-2019
John NockCONMulgrave02-05-2019
Vanda InmanINDNewby02-05-2019
Luke BackhouseCONNewby02-05-2019
Andrew JenkinsonCONNewby02-05-2019
Neil PriceLABNorth Bay02-05-2019
Martin SmithCONNorth Bay02-05-2019
Carl David MawLABNorthstead02-05-2019
Norman K MurphyUKINorthstead02-05-2019
Steve SiddonsLABRamshill02-05-2019
Mark Terence VeseyGRNRamshill02-05-2019
Mrs Hazel E LynskeyCONScalby02-05-2019
Derek J BastimanCONScalby02-05-2019
Mrs Helen F MalloryCONSeamer02-05-2019
Roxanne MurphyUKISeamer02-05-2019
Dilys Vine CluerGRNStepney02-05-2019
Mrs Lynn BastimanCONStepney02-05-2019
Mrs Sandra TurnerCONStreonshalh02-05-2019
Rob BarnettLABStreonshalh02-05-2019
Callam WalshCONWeaponness02-05-2019
Thomas W FoxCONWeaponness02-05-2019
Alf AbbottCONWhitby West Cliff02-05-2019
Joseph PlantCONWhitby West Cliff02-05-2019
Richard MoodyLABWoodlands02-05-2019
William ChattINDWoodlands02-05-2019