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- Kent -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Boundary Review: 81 wards from 2017

Kent Details
Council Type County
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 46
Labour 12
LibDems 7
Greens 1
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 4
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 84
Councillors:46 12 7 1 14 0 0 4 0

Kent Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Jim WedgburyINDAshford Central04-05-2017
George KoowareeLDAshford East04-05-2017
Andrew WickhamCONAshford Rural East04-05-2017
Mike AngellCONAshford Rural South04-05-2017
Charlie SimkinsCONAshford Rural West04-05-2017
Derek SmythLABAshford South04-05-2017
Roger Latchford, OBEUKIBirchington and Villages04-05-2017
Alan TerryUKIBroadstairs and Sir M M'Fiore04-05-2017
Zita WiltshireUKIBroadstairs and Sir M M'Fiore04-05-2017
Graham GibbensCONCanterbury City North East04-05-2017
Martin VyeLDCanterbury City South West04-05-2017
Michael NortheyCONCanterbury South East04-05-2017
John Simmonds, MBECONCanterbury West04-05-2017
Seán HoldenCONCranbrook04-05-2017
Roger GoughCONDarent Valley04-05-2017
Penny ColeCONDartford East04-05-2017
Tom MaddisonLABDartford North East04-05-2017
Jeremy Kite, MBECONDartford Rural04-05-2017
Jan OzogCONDartford West04-05-2017
Mike EddyLABDeal04-05-2017
Eileen RowbothamLABDeal04-05-2017
Steve ManionCONDover North04-05-2017
Pam BrivioLABDover Town04-05-2017
Gordon CowanLABDover Town04-05-2017
Geoff LymerCONDover West04-05-2017
Susan CareyCONElham Valley04-05-2017
Tom GatesCONFaversham04-05-2017
Frank McKennaUKIFolkestone North East04-05-2017
Bob NeavesINDFolkestone South04-05-2017
Hod BirkbyUKIFolkestone West04-05-2017
Colin CallerLABGravesham East04-05-2017
Diane MarshCONGravesham East04-05-2017
Bryan SweetlandCONGravesham Rural04-05-2017
Alan MarshCONHerne and Sturry04-05-2017
Brian MacDowallUKIHerne Bay04-05-2017
Nicholas BondUKIHerne Bay04-05-2017
Martin WhybrowGRNHythe04-05-2017
Rob BirdLDMaidstone Central04-05-2017
Dan DaleyLDMaidstone Central04-05-2017
Ian ChittendenLDMaidstone North East04-05-2017
Jenny WhittleCONMaidstone Rural East04-05-2017
Paul Carter, CBECONMaidstone Rural North04-05-2017
Eric HotsonCONMaidstone Rural South04-05-2017
Paulina StockellCONMaidstone Rural West04-05-2017
Brian ClarkLDMaidstone South04-05-2017
Gary CookeCONMaidstone South East04-05-2017
Trudy DeanLDMalling Central04-05-2017
Sarah HohlerCONMalling North04-05-2017
Matthew BalfourCONMalling Rural East04-05-2017
Peter HomewoodCONMalling Rural North East04-05-2017
Valerie DaggerCONMalling West04-05-2017
William ScobieLABMargate and Cliftonville04-05-2017
Mo ElenorUKIMargate and Cliftonville04-05-2017
Jeff ElenorINDMargate West04-05-2017
Sue HowesLABNorthfleet and Gravesend W04-05-2017
Narinderjit ThandiLABNorthfleet and Gravesend W04-05-2017
Trevor ShonkUKIRamsgate04-05-2017
Martyn HealeUKIRamsgate04-05-2017
Carole WatersCONRomney Marsh04-05-2017
Leyland Ridings, MBECONSandwich04-05-2017
Margaret CrabtreeCONSevenoaks Central04-05-2017
Nick ChardCONSevenoaks East04-05-2017
David BrazierCONSevenoaks North East04-05-2017
Clive PearmanCONSevenoaks South04-05-2017
Richard ParryCONSevenoaks West04-05-2017
Angela HarrisonLABSheerness04-05-2017
Adrian CrowtherUKISheppey04-05-2017
Lee BurgessUKISwale Central04-05-2017
Roger TrueloveLABSwale Central04-05-2017
Andrew BowlesCONSwale East04-05-2017
Mike BaldockUKISwale West04-05-2017
Michael HorwoodCONSwanley04-05-2017
Peter HarmanINDSwanscombe and Greenhithe04-05-2017
Mike Hill, OBECONTenterden04-05-2017
Christopher SmithCONTonbridge04-05-2017
Richard Long, TDCONTonbridge04-05-2017
Chris HoareUKITunbridge Wells East04-05-2017
Peter OakfordCONTunbridge Wells North04-05-2017
Alex King, MBECONTunbridge Wells Rural04-05-2017
James ScholesCONTunbridge Wells South04-05-2017
John DaviesCONTunbridge Wells West04-05-2017
Mike HarrisonCONWhitstable04-05-2017
Mark DanceCONWhitstable04-05-2017
Ann Allen, MBECONWilmington04-05-2017