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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Sevenoaks -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Sevenoaks Details
Council Type District
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 48
Labour 1
LibDems 2
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 1
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 54
Councillors:48 1 2 0 2 0 0 1 0

Sevenoaks Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Claire PearsallCONAsh and New Ash Green02-05-2019
Alan PettCONAsh and New Ash Green02-05-2019
Cameron ClarkCONAsh and New Ash Green02-05-2019
James LondonCONBrastedchevening and Sundridge02-05-2019
Anna FirthCONBrastedchevening and Sundridge02-05-2019
Robert PiperCONBrastedchevening and Sundridge02-05-2019
Matthew DickinsCONCowden and Hever02-05-2019
Stephen LindsayUKICrockenhill and Well Hill02-05-2019
Mrs. Kim BayleyCONDunton Green and Riverhead02-05-2019
Cameron BrownCONDunton Green and Riverhead02-05-2019
John ScholeyCONEdenbridge North and East02-05-2019
Stuart McGregorCONEdenbridge North and East02-05-2019
Alan LaylandCONEdenbridge South and West02-05-2019
Margot McArthurCONEdenbridge South and West02-05-2019
Michael HorwoodCONEynsford02-05-2019
Philip McGarveyCONFarninghamhorton Kirby and South Darenth02-05-2019
Ms. Ingrid TennesseeCONFarninghamhorton Kirby and South Darenth02-05-2019
Mrs. Patricia BosleyCONFawkham and West Kingsdown02-05-2019
Faye ParkinCONFawkham and West Kingsdown02-05-2019
Ian BosleyCONFawkham and West Kingsdown02-05-2019
John GrintCONHalsteadknockholt and Badgers Mount02-05-2019
Gary WilliamsonCONHalsteadknockholt and Badgers Mount02-05-2019
Lawrence AbrahamCONHartley and Hodsoll Street02-05-2019
James GaywoodCONHartley and Hodsoll Street02-05-2019
John KellyCONHartley and Hodsoll Street02-05-2019
Darren KitchenerINDHextable02-05-2019
Mrs. Dee MorrisCONHextable02-05-2019
Miss. Lorraine StackCONKemsing02-05-2019
Simon ReayCONKemsing02-05-2019
Peter LakeCONLeigh and Chiddingstone Causeway02-05-2019
Michelle LoweCONOtford and Shoreham02-05-2019
John Edwards-WinserCONOtford and Shoreham02-05-2019
Patrick CookeCONPenshurstfordcombe and Chiddingstone02-05-2019
Julia ThorntonCONSeal and Weald02-05-2019
Roderick HogarthCONSeal and Weald02-05-2019
Elizabeth PurvesLDSevenoaks Eastern02-05-2019
Edward ParsonCONSevenoaks Eastern02-05-2019
Andrew EyreCONSevenoaks Kippington02-05-2019
Mrs. Avril HunterCONSevenoaks Kippington02-05-2019
Dr. Merilyn CanetLDSevenoaks Northern02-05-2019
Jonathan KrogdahlCONSevenoaks Northern02-05-2019
Graham ClackCONSevenoaks Town and St. John's02-05-2019
Simon RaikesCONSevenoaks Town and St. John's02-05-2019
Peter FlemingCONSevenoaks Town and St. John's02-05-2019
Tony SearlesCONSwanley Christchurch and Swanley Village02-05-2019
John BarnesCONSwanley Christchurch and Swanley Village02-05-2019
Clare BarnesCONSwanley Christchurch and Swanley Village02-05-2019
Michael HoggLABSwanley St. Mary's02-05-2019
Lesley DyballCONSwanley St. Mary's02-05-2019
Laurence BallCONSwanley White Oak02-05-2019
Nina ScottCONSwanley White Oak02-05-2019
James HalfordUKISwanley White Oak02-05-2019
Kevin MaskellCONWesterham and Crockham Hill02-05-2019
Diana EslerCONWesterham and Crockham Hill02-05-2019