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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Carlisle -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Carlisle Details
Council Type District
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
CoalitionLAB min
Conservatives 20
Labour 25
LibDems 1
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 4
Vacancies 2
Total Councillors 52
Councillors:20 25 1 0 0 0 0 4 2

Carlisle Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Gareth Michael EllisCONBelah03-05-2018
Mrs Patricia VaseyCONBelah02-05-2019
David Douglass MortonCONBelah07-05-2020
Dr Les TicknerLABBelle Vue07-05-2020
VacancyVACBelle VueLAB04-05-201702-05-2019
Mrs Jessica RiddleLABBelle Vue03-05-2018
John PatonINDBotcherby02-05-2019
Jeffrey Thomas BomfordINDBotcherby07-05-2020
Robert William BettonINDBotcherby03-05-2018
Michael Robert MitchelsonCONBrampton03-05-2018
Stephen LaydenCONBrampton07-05-2020
John Richard CollierCONBurgh02-05-2019
Stephen Ronald SidgwickLABCastle07-05-2019
Anne GlendinningLABCastle02-05-2019
Joanna ColemanLABCastle07-05-2020
M Abdul HaridLABCurrock02-05-2019
Mrs Heather Margaret BradleyLABCurrock03-05-2018
Colin William GloverLABCurrock07-05-2020
Trevor AllisonLDDalston07-05-2020
Nigel Edward ChristianCONDalston02-05-2019
Mrs Ann Vipond McKerrellCONDalston03-05-2018
Hugh Francis McDevittLABDenton Holme02-05-2019
Christopher John SouthwardLABDenton Holme03-05-2018
Ruth AlcroftLABDenton Holme07-05-2020
Mrs Doreen Heather ParsonsCONGreat Corby and Geltsdale07-05-2020
Robert BurnsLABHarraby03-05-2018
Ms Jo WilliamsLABHarraby02-05-2019
Miss Lee Barbara SherriffLABHarraby07-05-2020
Raymond TinnionINDHayton07-05-2020
Cyril Stanley BowmanCONIrthing02-05-2019
John MallinsonCONLongtown and Rockcliffe02-05-2019
Raynor Desmond BloxhamCONLongtown and Rockcliffe03-05-2018
David ShepherdCONLyne02-05-2019
John BellLABMorton02-05-2019
George Colin StothardLABMorton03-05-2018
Therese SidgwickLABMorton07-05-2020
Ms Lucy PatrickLABSt Aidans07-05-2020
Reginald Watson OBELABSt Aidans02-05-2019
Ms Anne QuilterLABSt Aidans03-05-2018
Mrs Marilyn Louise BowmanCONStanwix Rural03-05-2018
James Robert BainbridgeCONStanwix Rural02-05-2019
Fiona Jane RobsonCONStanwix Urban02-05-2019
Paul Nigel Hamilton NedvedCONStanwix Urban07-05-2020
Mrs Elizabeth Anne MallinsonCONStanwix Urban03-05-2018
David WilsonLABUpperby03-05-2018
Niall Daniel McNultyLABUpperby07-05-2020
Mrs Ann WarwickLABUpperby02-05-2019
Stephen Michael HiggsCONWetheral03-05-2018
Barry Ogilvie EarpCONWetheral07-05-2020
Maureen Frances McDonaldLABYewdale07-05-2020
Steven John William BowditchLABYewdale03-05-2018