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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Great Yarmouth -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Great Yarmouth Details
Council Type District
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 14
Labour 11
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 2
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 39
Councillors:14 11 0 0 12 0 0 2 0

Great Yarmouth Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Graham PlantCONBradwell North03-05-2018
Alan GreyUKIBradwell North07-05-2020
Carl SmithCONBradwell North02-05-2019
Sue HaconUKIBradwell South and Hopton07-05-2020
Carl AnnisonUKIBradwell South and Hopton03-05-2018
Andy GrantCONBradwell South and Hopton02-05-2019
Jack CuttingUKICaister North03-05-2018
Penny CarpenterCONCaister North02-05-2019
Tom AndrewsUKICaister South03-05-2018
Demetris MavroudisCONCaister South02-05-2019
Chris WalchUKICentral and Northgate07-05-2020
Malcolm BirdUKICentral and Northgate03-05-2018
Lea DavisLABCentral and Northgate02-05-2019
Carol BorgLABClaydon07-05-2020
Tabitha RodwellUKIClaydon03-05-2018
Bernard WilliamsonLABClaydon02-05-2019
Shirley WeymouthCONEast Flegg03-05-2018
James BenslyCONEast Flegg07-05-2020
Haydn ThirtleCONFleggburgh02-05-2019
Emma Flaxman-TaylorCONGorleston07-05-2020
Kay GreyUKIGorleston03-05-2018
Adrian MyersINDLothingland03-05-2018
Brian LawnCONLothingland02-05-2019
Trevor WainwrightLABMagdalen03-05-2018
Sylvia PrattLABMagdalen07-05-2020
Brian WalkerLABMagdalen02-05-2019
Michael JealLABNelson07-05-2020
Kerry Robinson-PayneLABNelson02-05-2019
Katy StenhouseUKINelson03-05-2018
Charles ReynoldsCONOrmesby07-05-2020
Mr Ronald HantonCONOrmesby02-05-2019
Robert ConnellINDSouthtown and Cobholm03-05-2018
Paula Waters-BunnLABSouthtown and Cobholm07-05-2020
Marlene FairheadLABSt Andrews07-05-2020
Barbara WrightLABSt Andrews02-05-2019
Barry ColemanCONWest Flegg07-05-2020
Mary ColemanCONWest Flegg02-05-2019
Paul HammondUKIYarmouth North07-05-2020
Rachel JonesUKIYarmouth North03-05-2018