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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Barnet -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Barnet Details
Council Type London
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 32
Labour 30
LibDems 1
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 63
Councillors:32 30 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Barnet Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Kathy LevineLABBrunswick Park03-05-2018
Lisa RutterCONBrunswick Park03-05-2018
Andreas IoannidisLABBrunswick Park03-05-2018
Charlie O-MacauleyLABBurnt Oak03-05-2018
Claire FarrierLABBurnt Oak03-05-2018
Ammar NaqviLABBurnt Oak03-05-2018
Peter ZinkinCONChilds Hill03-05-2018
Shimon Ryde BScCONChilds Hill03-05-2018
Jack CohenLDChilds Hill03-05-2018
Gill SargeantLABColindale03-05-2018
Nagus NarenthiraLABColindale03-05-2018
Zakia ZubairiLABColindale03-05-2018
Pauline Coakley WebbLABCoppetts03-05-2018
Reema PatelLABCoppetts03-05-2018
Barry RawlingsLABCoppetts03-05-2018
Laurie WilliamsLABEast Barnet03-05-2018
Philip CohenLABEast Barnet03-05-2018
Rebecca ChalliceLABEast Barnet03-05-2018
Alison MooreLABEast Finchley03-05-2018
Arjun MittraLABEast Finchley03-05-2018
Alon Or-bachLABEast Finchley03-05-2018
Brian Gordon LLBCONEdgware03-05-2018
Helena HartCONEdgware03-05-2018
Joan Scannell BEMCONEdgware03-05-2018
Daniel Thomas BACONFinchley Church End03-05-2018
Eva GreenspanCONFinchley Church End03-05-2018
Graham OldCONFinchley Church End03-05-2018
John Marshall MACONGarden Suburb03-05-2018
Rohit GroverCONGarden Suburb03-05-2018
Gabriel RozenbergCONGarden Suburb03-05-2018
Melvin Cohen LLBCONGolders Green03-05-2018
Reuben ThompstoneCONGolders Green03-05-2018
Dean Cohen BScCONGolders Green03-05-2018
Tom DaveyCONHale03-05-2018
Hugh RaynerCONHale03-05-2018
Kitty LyonsLABHale03-05-2018
Maureen BraunCONHendon03-05-2018
Mark ShooterCONHendon03-05-2018
Anthony Finn BSc FCACONHendon03-05-2018
Wendy PrenticeCONHigh Barnet03-05-2018
David LongstaffCONHigh Barnet03-05-2018
Bridget PerryCONHigh Barnet03-05-2018
Sury Khatri BSc MScCONMill Hill03-05-2018
Val DuschinskyCONMill Hill03-05-2018
John Hart BA MACONMill Hill03-05-2018
Brian SalingerCONOakleigh03-05-2018
Stephen Sowerby MACONOakleigh03-05-2018
Sachin RajputCONOakleigh03-05-2018
Alison CorneliusCONTotteridge03-05-2018
Caroline StockCONTotteridge03-05-2018
Richard CorneliusCONTotteridge03-05-2018
Jess BrayneLABUnderhill03-05-2018
Tim RobertsLABUnderhill03-05-2018
Paul EdwardsLABUnderhill03-05-2018
Kath McGuirkLABWest Finchley03-05-2018
Jim TierneyLABWest Finchley03-05-2018
Ross HoustonLABWest Finchley03-05-2018
Dr Devra KayLABWest Hendon03-05-2018
Adam LanglebenLABWest Hendon03-05-2018
Agnes SlocombeLABWest Hendon03-05-2018
Geof CookeLABWoodhouse03-05-2018
Alan SchneidermanLABWoodhouse03-05-2018
Anne HuttonLABWoodhouse03-05-2018