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- Bexley -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Bexley Details
Council Type London
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 45
Labour 15
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 63
Councillors:45 15 0 0 3 0 0 0 0

Bexley Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Howard MarrinerCONBarnehurst03-05-2018
Eileen PallenCONBarnehurst03-05-2018
David HurtCONBarnehurst03-05-2018
Seán NewmanLABBelvedere03-05-2018
Daniel FrancisLABBelvedere03-05-2018
Gill MacDonaldLABBelvedere03-05-2018
Peter CraskeCONBlackfen and Lamorbey03-05-2018
Lynn SmithUKIBlackfen and Lamorbey03-05-2018
Brian BeckwithCONBlackfen and Lamorbey03-05-2018
Nick O'HareCONBlendon and Penhill03-05-2018
Graham D'AmiralCONBlendon and Penhill03-05-2018
Steven HallCONBlendon and Penhill03-05-2018
Teresa O'Neill OBECONBrampton03-05-2018
John WilkinsonCONBrampton03-05-2018
Sybil CamseyCONBrampton03-05-2018
Roy AshmoleCONChristchurch03-05-2018
Brad SmithCONChristchurch03-05-2018
John FullerCONChristchurch03-05-2018
Colin McGannonUKIColyers03-05-2018
Brian BishopCONColyers03-05-2018
Maxine FothergillCONColyers03-05-2018
Ross DowningCONCray Meadows03-05-2018
Cheryl BaconCONCray Meadows03-05-2018
Don MasseyCONCray Meadows03-05-2018
Christine BishopCONCrayford03-05-2018
John DaveyCONCrayford03-05-2018
Geraldene Lucia-HennisCONCrayford03-05-2018
Linda BaileyCONDanson Park03-05-2018
John WatersCONDanson Park03-05-2018
Sharon MasseyCONDanson Park03-05-2018
Cafer MunurCONEast Wickham03-05-2018
James HuntCONEast Wickham03-05-2018
Christine CatterallCONEast Wickham03-05-2018
Edward BoatengLABErith03-05-2018
Joe FerreiraLABErith03-05-2018
Abena Oppong-AsareLABErith03-05-2018
Val ClarkCONFalconwood and Welling03-05-2018
Louie FrenchCONFalconwood and Welling03-05-2018
Nigel BettsCONFalconwood and Welling03-05-2018
Danny HackettLABLesnes Abbey03-05-2018
Esther AmaningLABLesnes Abbey03-05-2018
John HusbandLABLesnes Abbey03-05-2018
David LeafCONLonglands03-05-2018
Andy DourmoushCONLonglands03-05-2018
Gareth BaconCONLonglands03-05-2018
Alan DeadmanLABNorth End03-05-2018
Brenda LangsteadLABNorth End03-05-2018
Stef BorellaLABNorth End03-05-2018
Peter ReaderCONNorthumberland Heath03-05-2018
Melvin SeymourCONNorthumberland Heath03-05-2018
Philip ReadCONNorthumberland Heath03-05-2018
Rob LeitchCONSidcup03-05-2018
Aileen BeckwithCONSidcup03-05-2018
Mrs June SlaughterCONSidcup03-05-2018
Alan DowningCONSt. Mary's03-05-2018
Colin TandyCONSt. Mary's03-05-2018
Alex SawyerCONSt. Mary's03-05-2018
Chris BeazleyUKISt. Michael's03-05-2018
Ray SamsCONSt. Michael's03-05-2018
Caroline NewtonCONSt. Michael's03-05-2018
Endy EzenwataLABThamesmead East03-05-2018
Mabel OgundayoLABThamesmead East03-05-2018
Derry BeghoLABThamesmead East03-05-2018