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- Haringey -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Haringey Details
Council Type London
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 0
Labour 49
LibDems 8
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 57
Councillors:0 49 8 0 0 0 0 0 0

Haringey Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
David BeachamLDAlexandra03-05-2018
Liz McShaneLABAlexandra03-05-2018
James PattersonLABAlexandra03-05-2018
Ali DemirciLABBounds Green03-05-2018
Clare BullLABBounds Green03-05-2018
Joanna ChristophidesLABBounds Green03-05-2018
Stuart McNamaraLABBruce Grove03-05-2018
Joseph EjioforLABBruce Grove03-05-2018
Felicia OpokuLABBruce Grove03-05-2018
Sarah ElliottLABCrouch End03-05-2018
Jason ArthurLABCrouch End03-05-2018
Natan DoronLABCrouch End03-05-2018
Martin NewtonLDFortis Green03-05-2018
Viv RossLDFortis Green03-05-2018
Patrick BerrymanLABFortis Green03-05-2018
Gina AdamouLABHarringay03-05-2018
Zena BrabazonLABHarringay03-05-2018
Emine IbrahimLABHarringay03-05-2018
Clive CarterLDHighgate03-05-2018
Bob HareLDHighgate03-05-2018
Liz MorrisLDHighgate03-05-2018
Adam JogeeLABHornsey03-05-2018
Jennifer MannLABHornsey03-05-2018
Elin WestonLABHornsey03-05-2018
Gail EngertLDMuswell Hill03-05-2018
Pippa ConnorLDMuswell Hill03-05-2018
Mark BlakeLABMuswell Hill03-05-2018
Stephen MannLABNoel Park03-05-2018
Peray AhmetLABNoel Park03-05-2018
Alan StricklandLABNoel Park03-05-2018
John BevanLABNorthumberland Park03-05-2018
Kaushika AminLABNorthumberland Park03-05-2018
Sheila PeacockLABNorthumberland Park03-05-2018
Joe GoldbergLABSeven Sisters03-05-2018
Dhiren BasuLABSeven Sisters03-05-2018
Claire KoberLABSeven Sisters03-05-2018
Ali Gul OzbekLABSt Ann's03-05-2018
Noah TuckerLABSt Ann's03-05-2018
Barbara BlakeLABSt Ann's03-05-2018
Raj SahotaLABStroud Green03-05-2018
Kirsten HearnLABStroud Green03-05-2018
Tim GallagherLABStroud Green03-05-2018
Makbule GunesLABTottenham Green03-05-2018
Isidoros DiakidesLABTottenham Green03-05-2018
Bernice VanierLABTottenham Green03-05-2018
Lorna ReithLABTottenham Hale03-05-2018
Vincent CarrollLABTottenham Hale03-05-2018
Reg RiceLABTottenham Hale03-05-2018
Eddie GriffithLABWest Green03-05-2018
Eugene AyisiLABWest Green03-05-2018
Toni MallettLABWest Green03-05-2018
Charles AdjeLABWhite Hart Lane03-05-2018
Anne StennettLABWhite Hart Lane03-05-2018
Gideon BullLABWhite Hart Lane03-05-2018
Peter MitchellLABWoodside03-05-2018
Charles WrightLABWoodside03-05-2018
Ann WatersLABWoodside03-05-2018