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- Leeds -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Leeds Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 19
Labour 60
LibDems 9
Greens 3
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 8
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 99
Councillors:19 60 9 3 0 0 0 8 0

Leeds Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Barry AndersonCONAdel and Wharfedale03-05-2018
Billy FlynnCONAdel and Wharfedale03-05-2018
Caroline AndersonCONAdel and Wharfedale03-05-2018
Dan CohenCONAlwoodley03-05-2018
Peter HarrandCONAlwoodley03-05-2018
Neil BuckleyCONAlwoodley03-05-2018
Lisa MulherinLABArdsley and Robin Hood03-05-2018
Jack DunnLABArdsley and Robin Hood03-05-2018
Karen RenshawLABArdsley and Robin Hood03-05-2018
James McKennaLABArmley03-05-2018
Alice SmartLABArmley03-05-2018
Alison LoweLABArmley03-05-2018
Adam OgilvieLABBeeston and Holbeck03-05-2018
Angela GabrielLABBeeston and Holbeck03-05-2018
David CongreveLABBeeston and Holbeck03-05-2018
Kevin RitchieLABBramley and Stanningley03-05-2018
Caroline GruenLABBramley and Stanningley03-05-2018
Julie HeselwoodLABBramley and Stanningley03-05-2018
Asghar KhanLABBurmantofts and Richmond Hill03-05-2018
Denise RaganLABBurmantofts and Richmond Hill03-05-2018
Ronald GrahameLABBurmantofts and Richmond Hill03-05-2018
Amanda CarterCONCalverley and Farsley03-05-2018
Andrew Carter CBECONCalverley and Farsley03-05-2018
Rod WoodCONCalverley and Farsley03-05-2018
Jane DowsonLABChapel Allerton03-05-2018
Eileen TaylorLABChapel Allerton03-05-2018
Mohammed RafiqueLABChapel Allerton03-05-2018
Patrick DaveyLABCity and Hunslet03-05-2018
Mohammed IqbalLABCity and Hunslet03-05-2018
Elizabeth NashLABCity and Hunslet03-05-2018
Janette WalkerINDCross Gates and Whinmoor03-05-2018
Pauleen GrahameLABCross Gates and Whinmoor03-05-2018
Peter GruenLABCross Gates and Whinmoor03-05-2018
Terry WilfordGRNFarnley and Wortley03-05-2018
Ann BlackburnGRNFarnley and Wortley03-05-2018
David BlackburnGRNFarnley and Wortley03-05-2018
Stuart McKennaLABGarforth and Swillington03-05-2018
Mark DobsonINDGarforth and Swillington03-05-2018
Sarah FieldINDGarforth and Swillington03-05-2018
Salma ArifLABGipton and Harehills03-05-2018
Arif HussainLABGipton and Harehills03-05-2018
Kamila MaqsoodLABGipton and Harehills03-05-2018
Paul WadsworthCONGuiseley and Rawdon03-05-2018
Pat LattyCONGuiseley and Rawdon03-05-2018
Graham LattyCONGuiseley and Rawdon03-05-2018
Rachael ProcterCONHarewood03-05-2018
Matthew RobinsonCONHarewood03-05-2018
Ryan StephensonCONHarewood03-05-2018
Jonathan PryorLABHeadingley03-05-2018
Al GarthwaiteLABHeadingley03-05-2018
Neil WalshawLABHeadingley03-05-2018
Chris TownsleyLDHorsforth03-05-2018
Dawn CollinsCONHorsforth03-05-2018
Brian CleasbyLDHorsforth03-05-2018
Javaid AkhtarLABHyde Park and Woodhouse03-05-2018
Gerry HarperLABHyde Park and Woodhouse03-05-2018
Christine TowlerLABHyde Park and Woodhouse03-05-2018
Brian SelbyLABKillingbeck and Seacroft03-05-2018
Graham HydeLABKillingbeck and Seacroft03-05-2018
Catherine DobsonLABKillingbeck and Seacroft03-05-2018
James LewisLABKippax and Methley03-05-2018
Mary HarlandLABKippax and Methley03-05-2018
Keith WakefieldLABKippax and Methley03-05-2018
Fiona VennerLABKirkstall03-05-2018
Lucinda YeadonLABKirkstall03-05-2018
John IllingworthLABKirkstall03-05-2018
Paul TruswellLABMiddleton Park03-05-2018
Kim GrovesLABMiddleton Park03-05-2018
Judith BlakeLABMiddleton Park03-05-2018
Alex SobelLABMoortown03-05-2018
Rebecca CharlwoodLABMoortown03-05-2018
Sharon HamiltonLABMoortown03-05-2018
Robert FinniganINDMorley North03-05-2018
Bob Gettings JPINDMorley North03-05-2018
Thomas LeadleyINDMorley North03-05-2018
Shirley VarleyINDMorley South03-05-2018
Neil DawsonLABMorley South03-05-2018
Judith ElliottINDMorley South03-05-2018
Colin CampbellLDOtley and Yeadon03-05-2018
Ryk DownesLDOtley and Yeadon03-05-2018
Sandy LayLDOtley and Yeadon03-05-2018
Mick CoulsonLABPudsey03-05-2018
Richard LewisLABPudsey03-05-2018
Josephine JaroszLABPudsey03-05-2018
Karen BruceLABRothwell03-05-2018
David NagleLABRothwell03-05-2018
Stewart GoltonLDRothwell03-05-2018
Ghulam HussainLABRoundhay03-05-2018
Christine MacnivenLABRoundhay03-05-2018
Eleanor TunnicliffeLABRoundhay03-05-2018
Helen HaydenLABTemple Newsam03-05-2018
Michael Lyons OBELABTemple Newsam03-05-2018
Debra CouparLABTemple Newsam03-05-2018
Jonathan BentleyLDWeetwood03-05-2018
Judith ChapmanLDWeetwood03-05-2018
Sue BentleyLDWeetwood03-05-2018
Alan LambCONWetherby03-05-2018
Gerald WilkinsonCONWetherby03-05-2018
John ProcterCONWetherby03-05-2018