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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Coventry -

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Last updated: 21-04-2017

Coventry Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 13
Labour 39
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 2
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 54
Councillors:13 39 0 0 0 0 0 2 0

Coventry Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Glenn WilliamsINDBablake07-05-2020
Jaswant Singh BirdiINDBablake03-05-2018
David KershawLABBablake02-05-2019
Ram LakhaLABBinley and Willenhall02-05-2019
Christine ThomasLABBinley and Willenhall07-05-2020
John MuttonLABBinley and Willenhall03-05-2018
Rois AliLABCheylesmore07-05-2020
Roger BaileyCONCheylesmore03-05-2018
Richard BrownLABCheylesmore02-05-2019
Michael HammonCONEarlsdon03-05-2018
Ken TaylorCONEarlsdon02-05-2019
Allan AndrewsCONEarlsdon07-05-2020
Balvinder KaurLABFoleshill07-05-2020
Abdul KhanLABFoleshill02-05-2019
Tariq KhanLABFoleshill03-05-2018
Patricia SeamanLABHenley02-05-2019
Ed RuaneLABHenley07-05-2020
Kevin MatonLABHenley03-05-2018
Rachel LancasterLABHolbrook07-05-2020
Ann LucasLABHolbrook03-05-2018
Joe CliffordLABHolbrook02-05-2019
Linda BighamLABLongford02-05-2019
George DugginsLABLongford07-05-2020
Lindsley HarvardLABLongford03-05-2018
John McNicholasLABLower Stoke02-05-2019
Catherine MiksLABLower Stoke07-05-2020
Rupinder SinghLABLower Stoke03-05-2018
Mal MuttonLABRadford07-05-2020
Keiran MulhallLABRadford03-05-2018
Tony SkipperLABRadford02-05-2019
Seamus WalshLABSherbourne03-05-2018
Lynnette KellyLABSherbourne07-05-2020
Damian GannonLABSherbourne02-05-2019
Naeem AkhtarLABSt. Michael's07-05-2020
Jim O'BoyleLABSt. Michael's02-05-2019
David WelshLABSt. Michael's03-05-2018
Kamran CaanLABUpper Stoke07-05-2020
Sucha BainsLABUpper Stoke03-05-2018
Dr Randhir AuluckLABUpper Stoke02-05-2019
John BlundellCONWainbody07-05-2020
Tim SawdonCONWainbody02-05-2019
Gary CrookesCONWainbody03-05-2018
David SkinnerCONWestwood03-05-2018
Tim MayerCONWestwood07-05-2020
Marcus LapsaCONWestwood02-05-2019
Bally SinghLABWhoberley03-05-2018
Jayne InnesLABWhoberley07-05-2020
Pervez AkhtarLABWhoberley02-05-2019
Julia LepoidevinCONWoodlands03-05-2018
Peter MaleCONWoodlands02-05-2019
Gary RidleyCONWoodlands07-05-2020
Faye AbbottLABWyken03-05-2018
Robert ThayLABWyken07-05-2020
Hazel SweetLABWyken02-05-2019