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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Dudley -

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Last updated: 21-04-2017

Dudley Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
CoalitionLAB min
Conservatives 29
Labour 35
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 72
Councillors:29 35 0 0 8 0 0 0 0

Dudley Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Paul BradleyUKIAmblecote03-05-2018
Simon TylerCONAmblecote02-05-2019
Julie BainesLABAmblecote07-05-2020
Ian CooperLABBelle Vale03-05-2018
Laura TaylorCONBelle Vale07-05-2020
Simon PhippsCONBelle Vale02-05-2019
Serena CraigieLABBrierley Hill07-05-2020
Zafar IslamLABBrierley Hill03-05-2018
Rachel HarrisLABBrierley Hill02-05-2019
Karen JordanLABBrockmoor and Pensnett02-05-2019
Judy FosterLABBrockmoor and Pensnett03-05-2018
John MartinLABBrockmoor and Pensnett07-05-2020
Ken FinchLABCastle and Priory03-05-2018
Alan FinchLABCastle and Priory02-05-2019
Margaret AstonLABCastle and Priory07-05-2020
Melvyn MottramLABCoseley East02-05-2019
Star AndertonUKICoseley East03-05-2018
Susan RidneyLABCoseley East07-05-2020
Timothy CrumptonLABCradley and Wollescote03-05-2018
Richard BodyLABCradley and Wollescote02-05-2019
Gaye PartridgeLABCradley and Wollescote07-05-2020
David StanleyCONGornal07-05-2020
Anne MillwardCONGornal02-05-2019
Roger Scott-DowUKIGornal03-05-2018
Karen ShakespeareCONHalesowen North02-05-2019
Stuart HenleyUKIHalesowen North03-05-2018
Hilary BillsLABHalesowen North07-05-2020
Nick GregoryCONHalesowen South03-05-2018
David VickersCONHalesowen South07-05-2020
Alan TaylorCONHalesowen South02-05-2019
Jeff HillCONHayley Green and Cradley South02-05-2019
Andrea GoddardCONHayley Green and Cradley South03-05-2018
Ruth ButteryCONHayley Green and Cradley South07-05-2020
Nicola RichardsCONKingswinford North and Wall Heath02-05-2019
Dave TylerLABKingswinford North and Wall Heath07-05-2020
Patrick HarleyCONKingswinford North and Wall Heath03-05-2018
Peter MillerCONKingswinford South02-05-2019
Ed LawrenceCONKingswinford South03-05-2018
Luke JohnsonCONKingswinford South07-05-2020
Pete LoweLABLye and Stourbirdge North03-05-2018
Vanessa WaleLABLye and Stourbirdge North07-05-2020
Mohammed HanifLABLye and Stourbirdge North02-05-2019
Elaine TaylorLABNetherton Woodside and St Andrew's03-05-2018
Qadar ZadaLABNetherton Woodside and St Andrew's02-05-2019
Christine PerksLABNetherton Woodside and St Andrew's07-05-2020
Colin ElcockCONNorton03-05-2018
Heather RogersCONNorton02-05-2019
Mike AttwoodCONNorton07-05-2020
Angus LeesCONPedmore and Stourbridge East03-05-2018
Ian KettleCONPedmore and Stourbridge East02-05-2019
Les JonesCONPedmore and Stourbridge East07-05-2020
David SparksLABQuarry Bank and Dudley Wood03-05-2018
Jackie CowellLABQuarry Bank and Dudley Wood02-05-2019
Bryan CotterillLABQuarry Bank and Dudley Wood07-05-2020
Tina WestwoodCONSedgley02-05-2019
Michael EvansCONSedgley07-05-2020
Bill Etheridge MEPUKISedgley03-05-2018
Cathryn BaytonLABSt. James's02-05-2019
Khurshid AhmedLABSt. James's03-05-2018
Asif AhmedLABSt. James's07-05-2020
Steve WalthoLABSt. Thomas's03-05-2018
Shaukat AliLABSt. Thomas's07-05-2020
Shaneila MughalLABSt. Thomas's02-05-2019
Dean PerksUKIUpper Gornal and Woodsetton03-05-2018
Keiran CaseyLABUpper Gornal and Woodsetton07-05-2020
Adam AstonLABUpper Gornal and Woodsetton03-05-2019
Alan HopwoodCONWollaston and Stourbridge Town07-05-2020
Nicolas BarlowCONWollaston and Stourbridge Town03-05-2018
Steve ClarkCONWollaston and Stourbridge Town02-05-2019
Matt RogersCONWordsley02-05-2019
Paul BrothwoodUKIWordsley03-05-2018
Kerry LewisUKIWordsley07-05-2020