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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Sandwell -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Sandwell Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 0
Labour 70
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 1
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 72
Councillors:0 70 0 0 1 0 0 1 0

Sandwell Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Ann JaronLABAbbey03-05-2018
Bob PiperLABAbbey03-05-2018
Steve ElingLABAbbey03-05-2018
Danny MillardLABBlackheath03-05-2018
Robert PriceLABBlackheath03-05-2018
Kerrie CarmichaelLABBlackheath03-05-2018
Elaine GilesLABBristnall03-05-2018
Carol GoultLABBristnall03-05-2018
Steven FrearLABBristnall03-05-2018
Elizabeth GilesLABCharlemont With Grove Vale03-05-2018
Liam PreeceLABCharlemont With Grove Vale03-05-2018
Sue PhillipsLABCharlemont With Grove Vale03-05-2018
Julie WebbLABCradley Heath and Old Hill03-05-2018
Caroline WhiteLABCradley Heath and Old Hill03-05-2018
Ann ShackletonLABCradley Heath and Old Hill03-05-2018
Geoffrey LewisLABFriar Park03-05-2018
Simon HackettLABFriar Park03-05-2018
Joy EdisLABFriar Park03-05-2018
Shirley HosellLABGreat Barr With Yew Tree03-05-2018
Steve MeliaLABGreat Barr With Yew Tree03-05-2018
Christopher WorseyLABGreat Barr With Yew Tree03-05-2018
Ann JarvisLABGreat Bridge03-05-2018
Peter AllenLABGreat Bridge03-05-2018
Joanne HadleyLABGreat Bridge03-05-2018
Jackie TaylorLABGreets Green and Lyng03-05-2018
John EdwardsLABGreets Green and Lyng03-05-2018
Gurcharan SidhuLABGreets Green and Lyng03-05-2018
Paul SandarsLABHateley Heath03-05-2018
Patricia DaviesLABHateley Heath03-05-2018
Paul MooreLABHateley Heath03-05-2018
Yvonne DaviesLABLangley03-05-2018
Bill GavanLABLangley03-05-2018
Sharon DaviesLABLangley03-05-2018
David HosellLABNewton03-05-2018
Keith AllcockLABNewton03-05-2018
Joyce UnderhillLABNewton03-05-2018
Susan CrumptonLABOld Warley03-05-2018
Steve TrowLABOld Warley03-05-2018
Trevor CrumptonLABOld Warley03-05-2018
Susan DowningLABOldbury03-05-2018
Suzanne HartwellLABOldbury03-05-2018
Mahboob HussainINDOldbury03-05-2018
Philip GarrettUKIPrinces End03-05-2018
Bill CherringtonLABPrinces End03-05-2018
Stephen JonesLABPrinces End03-05-2018
Chris TranterLABRowley03-05-2018
Barbara PriceLABRowley03-05-2018
Susan EavesLABRowley03-05-2018
Richard MarshallLABSmethwick03-05-2018
Keith DaviesLABSmethwick03-05-2018
Linda HortonLABSmethwick03-05-2018
Roger HortonLABSoho and Victoria03-05-2018
Mohammad RoufLABSoho and Victoria03-05-2018
Farut ShaeenLABSoho and Victoria03-05-2018
Zahoor AhmedLABSt Paul's03-05-2018
Babu Bawa OBELABSt Paul's03-05-2018
Preet GillLABSt Paul's03-05-2018
Ahmadul Haque MBELABTipton Green03-05-2018
Ian JonesLABTipton Green03-05-2018
Syeda Khatun MBELABTipton Green03-05-2018
Sandra HevicanLABTividale03-05-2018
Maria CromptonLABTividale03-05-2018
Lorraine AshmanLABTividale03-05-2018
Peter HughesLABWednesbury North03-05-2018
Tony MeehanLABWednesbury North03-05-2018
Elaine CostiganLABWednesbury North03-05-2018
Olwen JonesLABWednesbury South03-05-2018
Bob LloydLABWednesbury South03-05-2018
Pam HughesLABWednesbury South03-05-2018
Laura HickeyLABWest Bromwich Central03-05-2018
Mohinder TaggerLABWest Bromwich Central03-05-2018
Bawa DhalluLABWest Bromwich Central03-05-2018