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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Stockport -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Stockport Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
CoalitionLAB min
Conservatives 14
Labour 22
LibDems 21
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 5
Vacancies 1
Total Councillors 63
Councillors:14 22 21 0 0 0 0 5 1

Stockport Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Lisa WalkerCONBramhall North03-05-2018
Alanna VineCONBramhall North03-05-2018
Linda HoltCONBramhall North03-05-2018
Mike HurlestonCONBramhall South and Woodford03-05-2018
John McGahanCONBramhall South and Woodford03-05-2018
Brian BagnallCONBramhall South and Woodford03-05-2018
Christine CorrisLDBredbury and Woodley03-05-2018
Stuart CorrisLDBredbury and Woodley03-05-2018
Chris GordonLDBredbury and Woodley03-05-2018
Syd LloydCONBredbury Green and Romiley03-05-2018
Lisa SmartLDBredbury Green and Romiley03-05-2018
Mags KirkhamINDBredbury Green and Romiley03-05-2018
Christopher MurphyLABBrinnington and Central03-05-2018
Andy SortonLABBrinnington and Central03-05-2018
VacancyVACBrinnington and CentralLAB03-05-2018
Graham GreenhalghLDCheadle and Gatley03-05-2018
Keith HollowayLDCheadle and Gatley03-05-2018
Iain RobertsLDCheadle and Gatley03-05-2018
June SomekhLDCheadle Hulme North03-05-2018
John PantallLDCheadle Hulme North03-05-2018
Paul Victor Kraus PorgessLDCheadle Hulme North03-05-2018
Suzanne WyattLDCheadle Hulme South03-05-2018
Mark HunterLDCheadle Hulme South03-05-2018
Stuart BodsworthLABCheadle Hulme South03-05-2018
Wendy WildLABDavenport and Cale Green03-05-2018
Elise WilsonLABDavenport and Cale Green03-05-2018
Dickie DaviesLABDavenport and Cale Green03-05-2018
Sheila BaileyLABEdgeley and Cheadle Heath03-05-2018
Philip HardingLABEdgeley and Cheadle Heath03-05-2018
Richard CoatonLABEdgeley and Cheadle Heath03-05-2018
Julian Lewis-BoothCONHazel Grove03-05-2018
Oliver JohnstoneCONHazel Grove03-05-2018
Jon TwiggeLDHazel Grove03-05-2018
Eileen Sylvia HumphreysINDHeald Green03-05-2018
Anna Charles-JonesINDHeald Green03-05-2018
Adrian NottinghamINDHeald Green03-05-2018
John TaylorLABHeatons North03-05-2018
Alex GanotisLABHeatons North03-05-2018
David SedgwickLABHeatons North03-05-2018
Dean FitzpatrickLABHeatons South03-05-2018
Tom McGeeLABHeatons South03-05-2018
Colin FosterLABHeatons South03-05-2018
Daniel HawthorneLDManor03-05-2018
Charlie StewartLABManor03-05-2018
Patrick McAuleyINDManor03-05-2018
Annette FinnieCONMarple North03-05-2018
Geoff AbellLDMarple North03-05-2018
Malcolm AllanLDMarple North03-05-2018
Susan InghamLDMarple South03-05-2018
Tom DowseCONMarple South03-05-2018
Kenny BlairCONMarple South03-05-2018
Wendy MeikleLDOfferton03-05-2018
Laura BoothLDOfferton03-05-2018
Lord Goddard of StockportLDOfferton03-05-2018
Kate ButlerLABReddish North03-05-2018
David WilsonLABReddish North03-05-2018
Roy Edward DriverLABReddish North03-05-2018
Yvonne GuarientoLABReddish South03-05-2018
Tom GrundyLABReddish South03-05-2018
Walter BrettLABReddish South03-05-2018
John WrightCONStepping Hill03-05-2018
Paul Robert HadfieldCONStepping Hill03-05-2018
Mark WeldonLDStepping Hill03-05-2018