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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Wigan -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Wigan Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 5
Labour 65
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 5
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 75
Councillors:5 65 0 0 0 0 0 5 0

Wigan Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Martyn SmethurstLABAbram03-05-2018
Carl SweeneyLABAbram03-05-2018
Mrs Eunice SmethurstLABAbram03-05-2018
Nigel Dennis AshLABAshton03-05-2018
Jennifer BullenLABAshton03-05-2018
Bill ClarkeLABAshton03-05-2018
Ronald Josef ConwayLABAspull New Springs Whelley03-05-2018
Christopher ReadyLABAspull New Springs Whelley03-05-2018
John HiltonLABAspull New Springs Whelley03-05-2018
Barry John TaylorLABAstley Mosley Common03-05-2018
Joanne PlattLABAstley Mosley Common03-05-2018
Christine Lillian RobertsLABAstley Mosley Common03-05-2018
John HardingLABAtherleigh03-05-2018
Mark AldredLABAtherleigh03-05-2018
Pamela Stewart MBELABAtherleigh03-05-2018
Mrs Karen AldredLABAtherton03-05-2018
Jamie HodgkinsonINDAtherton03-05-2018
Martin Luke AldredLABAtherton03-05-2018
Margaret Ann RamplingLABBryn03-05-2018
Steve JonesINDBryn03-05-2018
Nathan George MurrayLABBryn03-05-2018
Mrs Shirley DewhurstLABDouglas03-05-2018
Pat DraperLABDouglas03-05-2018
Michael Anthony DewhurstLABDouglas03-05-2018
Mrs Yvonne KlieveLABGolborne and Lowton West03-05-2018
Richard Andrew BarberLABGolborne and Lowton West03-05-2018
Stuart KeaneLABGolborne and Lowton West03-05-2018
Paul John BlayLABHindley03-05-2018
James ChurtonLABHindley03-05-2018
James TalbotLABHindley03-05-2018
Francis Stanley CarmichaelLABHindley Green03-05-2018
Robert BrierleyINDHindley Green03-05-2018
David Keir StittLABHindley Green03-05-2018
Janice SharrattLABInce03-05-2018
David Trevor MolyneuxLABInce03-05-2018
James MoodieLABInce03-05-2018
Anita ThorpeLABLeigh East03-05-2018
Keith CunliffeLABLeigh East03-05-2018
Frederick Bown WalkerLABLeigh East03-05-2018
Kevin Anderson B.A , MCIHLABLeigh South03-05-2018
John O'BrienLABLeigh South03-05-2018
Charles RigbyLABLeigh South03-05-2018
Mrs Myra Joan WhitesideLABLeigh West03-05-2018
Susan June GreensmithLABLeigh West03-05-2018
Peter Richard Charles Smith M.Sc.LABLeigh West03-05-2018
James Nelson GrundyCONLowton East03-05-2018
Edward Noel HoultonCONLowton East03-05-2018
Kathleen HoultonCONLowton East03-05-2018
David John ArrowsmithLABOrrell03-05-2018
Stephen MurphyLABOrrell03-05-2018
Michael WinstanleyCONOrrell03-05-2018
Jeanette PrescottLABPemberton03-05-2018
Paul PrescottLABPemberton03-05-2018
Sam Marc MurphyLABPemberton03-05-2018
Paul Anthony CollinsLABShevington With Lower Ground03-05-2018
Damian EdwardsonLABShevington With Lower Ground03-05-2018
Michael John CrosbyLABShevington With Lower Ground03-05-2018
George Allan FairhurstINDStandish With Langtree03-05-2018
Raymond WhittinghamCONStandish With Langtree03-05-2018
Debbie FairhurstINDStandish With Langtree03-05-2018
Joanne MarshallLABTyldesley03-05-2018
Stephen HellierLABTyldesley03-05-2018
Nazia RehmanLABTyldesley03-05-2018
Michael McLoughlinLABWigan Central03-05-2018
George DaviesLABWigan Central03-05-2018
Lawrence HuntLABWigan Central03-05-2018
Mrs Phyllis CullenLABWigan West03-05-2018
Stephen DawberLABWigan West03-05-2018
Terence William Halliwell MscLABWigan West03-05-2018
Paul Terence KennyLABWinstanley03-05-2018
Clive William MorganLABWinstanley03-05-2018
Marie MorganLABWinstanley03-05-2018
William RotherhamLABWorsley Mesnes03-05-2018
Patricia Lynne HollandLABWorsley Mesnes03-05-2018
Phil KellyLABWorsley Mesnes03-05-2018