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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Wirral -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Wirral Details
Council Type Metropolitan
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 21
Labour 38
LibDems 5
Greens 1
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 1
Total Councillors 66
Councillors:21 38 5 1 0 0 0 0 1

Wirral Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Jerry WilliamsLABBebington03-05-2018
Christina MusprattLABBebington03-05-2018
Walter SmithLABBebington03-05-2018
Julie McManusLABBidston and St James03-05-2018
Ann McLachlanLABBidston and St James03-05-2018
Brian KennyLABBidston and St James03-05-2018
Jean StapletonLABBirkenhead and Tranmere03-05-2018
Phil DaviesLABBirkenhead and Tranmere03-05-2018
Pat ClearyGRNBirkenhead and Tranmere03-05-2018
Joe WalshLABBromborough03-05-2018
Warren WardLABBromborough03-05-2018
Irene WilliamsLABBromborough03-05-2018
Tracey PilgrimCONClatterbridge03-05-2018
Cherry Povall, JPCONClatterbridge03-05-2018
Adam SykesCONClatterbridge03-05-2018
George DaviesLABClaughton03-05-2018
Steve FoulkesLABClaughton03-05-2018
Chris CarubiaLDEastham03-05-2018
Dave MitchellLDEastham03-05-2018
Phil GilchristLDEastham03-05-2018
David Burgess-JoyceCONGreasbyfrankby and Irby03-05-2018
Wendy ClementsCONGreasbyfrankby and Irby03-05-2018
Tom AndersonCONGreasbyfrankby and Irby03-05-2018
Andrew HodsonCONHeswall03-05-2018
Les RowlandsCONHeswall03-05-2018
Kathy HodsonCONHeswall03-05-2018
Eddie BoultCONHoylake and Meols03-05-2018
John HaleCONHoylake and Meols03-05-2018
Gerry EllisCONHoylake and Meols03-05-2018
Ron AbbeyLABLeasowe and Moreton East03-05-2018
Anita LeechLABLeasowe and Moreton East03-05-2018
Treena JohnsonLABLeasowe and Moreton East03-05-2018
Bernie MooneyLABLiscard03-05-2018
Janette WilliamsonLABLiscard03-05-2018
Thomas UsherLABLiscard03-05-2018
Bruce BerryCONMoreton West and Saughall Massie03-05-2018
Steve WilliamsCONMoreton West and Saughall Massie03-05-2018
Chris BlakeleyCONMoreton West and Saughall Massie03-05-2018
Pat HackettLABNew Brighton03-05-2018
Chris SpriggsLABNew Brighton03-05-2018
Tony JonesLABNew Brighton03-05-2018
Paul DoughtyLABOxton03-05-2018
Alan BrighouseLDOxton03-05-2018
Stuart KellyLDOxton03-05-2018
Louise ReecejonesLABPensby and Thingwall03-05-2018
Michael SullivanLABPensby and Thingwall03-05-2018
Phillip BrightmoreLABPensby and Thingwall03-05-2018
Denise RealeyLABPrenton03-05-2018
Angela DaviesLABPrenton03-05-2018
Tony NorburyLABPrenton03-05-2018
Moira McLaughlinLABRock Ferry03-05-2018
Chris MeadenLABRock Ferry03-05-2018
Bill DaviesLABRock Ferry03-05-2018
Chris JonesLABSeacombe03-05-2018
Adrian JonesLABSeacombe03-05-2018
Paul StuartLABSeacombe03-05-2018
Matthew PatrickLABUpton03-05-2018
Stuart WhittinghamLABUpton03-05-2018
Tony SmithLABUpton03-05-2018
Paul HayesCONWallasey03-05-2018
Ian LewisCONWallasey03-05-2018
Lesley RennieCONWallasey03-05-2018
Geoffrey WattCONWest Kirby and Thurstaston03-05-2018
David M EldertonCONWest Kirby and Thurstaston03-05-2018
Jeff GreenCONWest Kirby and Thurstaston03-05-2018