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- Cheshire West & Chester -

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Last updated: 21-04-2017

Cheshire West & Chester Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model
Conservatives 36
Labour 38
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 1
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 75
Councillors:36 38 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

Cheshire West & Chester Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Ben PowellLABBlacon02-05-2019
Carol GahanLABBlacon02-05-2019
Marie NelsonLABBlacon02-05-2019
Martyn DelaneyLABBoughton02-05-2019
Samantha DixonLABChester City02-05-2019
Stuart ParkerCONChester Villages02-05-2019
Margaret ParkerCONChester Villages02-05-2019
Gaynor SinarCONDavenham and Moulton02-05-2019
Helen WeltmanCONDavenham and Moulton02-05-2019
James PearsonCONDavenham and Moulton02-05-2019
Mark WilliamsCONDodleston and Huntington02-05-2019
Lynn ClareLABEllesmere Port Town02-05-2019
Jess CrookLABEllesmere Port Town02-05-2019
Stephen SmithLABElton02-05-2019
Howard GreenwoodCONFarndon02-05-2019
Lynn RileyCONFrodsham02-05-2019
Andrew DawsonCONFrodsham02-05-2019
Bob RuddLABGarden Quarter02-05-2019
Eleanor JohnsonCONGowy02-05-2019
Tony SherlockLABGrange02-05-2019
Keith BoardCONGreat Boughton02-05-2019
Pamela HallCONGreat Boughton02-05-2019
Razia DanielsCONHandbridge Park02-05-2019
Neil SullivanCONHandbridge Park02-05-2019
Patricia ParkesCONHartford and Greenbank02-05-2019
Susan KaurCONHartford and Greenbank02-05-2019
Alan McKieCONHelsby02-05-2019
Angie ChidleyLABHoole02-05-2019
Alex BlackLABHoole02-05-2019
Ralph OultramCONKingsley02-05-2019
Jane MercerLABLache02-05-2019
Peter RooneyLABLedsham and Manor02-05-2019
Gareth AndersonCONLedsham and Manor02-05-2019
Louise GittinsLABLittle Neston and Burton02-05-2019
Nige JonesCONLittle Neston and Burton02-05-2019
Chris WhitehurstCONMalpas02-05-2019
Norman WrightCONMarbury02-05-2019
Lynn GibbonCONMarbury02-05-2019
Don HammondCONMarbury02-05-2019
Andy WilliamsLABNeston02-05-2019
Diane RobertsLABNetherpool02-05-2019
Richard BeachamLABNewton02-05-2019
Gill WatsonLABNewton02-05-2019
Martin BarkerINDParkgate02-05-2019
Pat MerrickLABRossmore02-05-2019
Brian CroweCONSaughall and Mollington02-05-2019
Mark StocksCONShakerley02-05-2019
Robert BissetLABSt Paul's02-05-2019
Angela ClaydonLABSt Paul's02-05-2019
Mark HenesyLABStrawberry02-05-2019
Nicole MeardonLABSutton02-05-2019
Paul DonovanLABSutton02-05-2019
Eveleigh Moore DuttonCONTarporley02-05-2019
John LeatherCONTarvin and Kelsall02-05-2019
Hugo DeynemCONTarvin and Kelsall02-05-2019
Mike JonesCONTattenhall02-05-2019
Matt BryanLABUpton02-05-2019
Jill HoulbrookCONUpton02-05-2019
Charles FifieldCONWeaver and Cuddington02-05-2019
Harry TongeCONWeaver and Cuddington02-05-2019
Paul WilliamsCONWeaver and Cuddington02-05-2019
Karen ShoreLABWhitby02-05-2019
Brian JonesLABWhitby02-05-2019
Myles HoggCONWillaston and Thornton02-05-2019
Sam NaylorLABWinnington and Castle02-05-2019
Paul DolanLABWinnington and Castle02-05-2019
Don BeckettLABWinsford Over and Verdin02-05-2019
Tom BlackmoreLABWinsford Over and Verdin02-05-2019
Michael BaynhamCONWinsford Over and Verdin02-05-2019
David ArmstrongLABWinsford Swanlow and Dene02-05-2019
Stephen BurnsLABWinsford Swanlow and Dene02-05-2019
Brian ClarkeLABWinsford Wharton02-05-2019
Pamela BooherLABWinsford Wharton02-05-2019
Val ArmstrongLABWitton and Rudheath02-05-2019
Tony LawrensonLABWitton and Rudheath02-05-2019