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- East Riding of Yorkshire -

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Last updated: 23-05-2017

East Riding of Yorkshire Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model
Conservatives 48
Labour 6
LibDems 3
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 7
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 67
Councillors:48 6 3 0 3 0 0 7 0

East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Birmingham, BradleyCONBeverley Rural02-05-2019
Parnaby, Stephen OBECONBeverley Rural02-05-2019
Pollard, PhyllisCONBeverley Rural02-05-2019
Burton, RichardCONBridlington Central and Old Town02-05-2019
Milns, MalcolmUKIBridlington Central and Old Town02-05-2019
Milns, ThelmaUKIBridlington North02-05-2019
Harrap, RichardCONBridlington North02-05-2019
Matthews, ChrisCONBridlington North02-05-2019
Robson, DavidUKIBridlington South02-05-2019
Chadwick, MargaretCONBridlington South02-05-2019
Finlay, ShelaghLABBridlington South02-05-2019
Jump, RosINDCottingham North02-05-2019
Mathieson, GeraldineINDCottingham North02-05-2019
Green, HelenCONCottingham South02-05-2019
Medini, MikeCONCottingham South02-05-2019
Meredith, RichardCONDale02-05-2019
Smith, PatCONDale02-05-2019
Galbraith, TonyCONDale02-05-2019
Temple, FelicityCONDriffield and Rural02-05-2019
Fraser, SymonCONDriffield and Rural02-05-2019
Hall, BarbaraCONDriffield and Rural02-05-2019
Lisseter, PaulCONEast Wolds and Coastal02-05-2019
Owen, JonathanCONEast Wolds and Coastal02-05-2019
Evison, JaneCONEast Wolds and Coastal02-05-2019
Head, JosieINDGoole North02-05-2019
Moore, KeithLABGoole North02-05-2019
Boatman, MallyLABGoole South02-05-2019
O'Neil, PatLABGoole South02-05-2019
Billinger, IainLABHessle02-05-2019
Hogan, PaulLABHessle02-05-2019
Davison, PhilipLDHessle02-05-2019
Bayram, CharlieCONHowden02-05-2019
Wilkinson, NigelCONHowdenshire02-05-2019
Aitken, VictoriaCONHowdenshire02-05-2019
Bayram, LindaCONHowdenshire02-05-2019
Skow, BrianCONMid Holderness02-05-2019
Holtby, JohnCONMid Holderness02-05-2019
Turner, PeterCONMid Holderness02-05-2019
Peacock, DominicINDMinster and Woodmansey02-05-2019
Elvidge, DavidCONMinster and Woodmansey02-05-2019
Harold, KerriCONMinster and Woodmansey02-05-2019
Whittle, JohnINDNorth Holderness02-05-2019
Jefferson, Barbara JPINDNorth Holderness02-05-2019
Mole, ClaudeCONPocklington Provincial02-05-2019
West, KayCONPocklington Provincial02-05-2019
Strangeway, AndyINDPocklington Provincial02-05-2019
Fox, CarolineCONSnaith Airmyn and Rawcliffe and Marshlands02-05-2019
Barrett, JohnCONSnaith Airmyn and Rawcliffe and Marshlands02-05-2019
Tucker, DavidCONSouth East Holderness02-05-2019
Healing, LynCONSouth East Holderness02-05-2019
Cracknell, JackieCONSouth East Holderness02-05-2019
Abraham, JulieCONSouth Hunsley02-05-2019
Walker, VanessaCONSouth Hunsley02-05-2019
Steel, SueCONSouth West Holderness02-05-2019
Bryan, MikeCONSouth West Holderness02-05-2019
Dennis, JohnCONSouth West Holderness02-05-2019
Pearson, BryanCONSt Marys02-05-2019
Aird, ElaineCONSt Marys02-05-2019
Healy, DenisLDSt Marys02-05-2019
Hardy, Mary-RoseLDTranby02-05-2019
Kingston, MaryCONTranby02-05-2019
Horton, ShaunCONWillerby and Kirk Ella02-05-2019
McMaster, GaryCONWillerby and Kirk Ella02-05-2019
Sharpe, DeeCONWillerby and Kirk Ella02-05-2019
Stathers, MikeCONWolds Weighton02-05-2019
Rudd, DavidCONWolds Weighton02-05-2019
Burton, AndyCONWolds Weighton02-05-2019