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- North Somerset -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

North Somerset Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model
Conservatives 36
Labour 3
LibDems 4
Greens 1
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 6
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 50
Councillors:36 3 4 1 0 0 0 6 0

North Somerset Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Karen BarclayCONBackwell02-05-2019
Jerry O’BrienCONBanwell and Winscombe02-05-2019
Ann HarleyCONBanwell and Winscombe02-05-2019
Liz WellsCONBlagdon and Churchill02-05-2019
David ShoplandINDClevedon East02-05-2019
Bob GarnerCONClevedon South02-05-2019
Colin HallCONClevedon Walton02-05-2019
Chris BladesCONClevedon West02-05-2019
Ericka BladesCONClevedon Yeo02-05-2019
Tom LeimdorferGRNCongresbury and Puxton02-05-2019
Nigel AshtonCONGordano Valley02-05-2019
Elfan Ap ReesCONHutton and Locking02-05-2019
Terry PorterCONHutton and Locking02-05-2019
Kate StoweyCONLong Ashton02-05-2019
Charles CaveCONLong Ashton02-05-2019
Andy ColeINDNailsea Golden Valley02-05-2019
James TonkinINDNailsea West End02-05-2019
Mary BlatchfordCONNailsea Yeo02-05-2019
Jan BarberCONNailsea Youngwood02-05-2019
Donald DaviesINDPill02-05-2019
David PasleyCONPortishead East02-05-2019
David OynsCONPortishead East02-05-2019
Reyna KnightCONPortishead North02-05-2019
Peter BurdenCONPortishead South02-05-2019
David JolleyCONPortishead West02-05-2019
Felicity BakerCONPortishead West02-05-2019
Richard NightingaleCONWestonsupermare Central02-05-2019
Mike BellLDWestonsupermare Central02-05-2019
Mark CannifordLDWestonsupermare Hillside02-05-2019
John Crockford-HawleyLDWestonsupermare Hillside02-05-2019
Roz WillisCONWestonsupermare Kewstoke02-05-2019
Lisa PilgrimCONWestonsupermare Kewstoke02-05-2019
Robert ClelandCONWestonsupermare Mid Worle02-05-2019
Richard TuckerLABWestonsupermare Milton02-05-2019
Martin WilliamsCONWestonsupermare Milton02-05-2019
Derek MeadINDWestonsupermare North Worle02-05-2019
Marcia PepperallCONWestonsupermare North Worle02-05-2019
Ian ParkerLABWestonsupermare South02-05-2019
James ClaytonLABWestonsupermare South02-05-2019
David HitchinsCONWestonsupermare South Worle02-05-2019
Peter CrewCONWestonsupermare South Worle02-05-2019
John Ley-MorganINDWestonsupermare Uphill02-05-2019
Peter BryantCONWestonsupermare Uphill02-05-2019
Dawn PayneCONWestonsupermare Winterstoke02-05-2019
Sarah CodlingCONWestonsupermare Winterstoke02-05-2019
Ruth JacobsCONWick St Lawrence and St Georges02-05-2019
Nick WiltonCONWinford02-05-2019
Deborah YamanakaLDWrington02-05-2019
Jill IlesCONYatton02-05-2019
Judith HadleyCONYatton02-05-2019