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- Redcar & Cleveland -

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Last updated: 25-04-2017

There are -1 missing councillors in the list, but the party totals have been manually checked.

Redcar & Cleveland Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model
CoalitionLAB min
Conservatives 11
Labour 28
LibDems 10
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 10
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 59
Councillors:11 28 10 0 0 0 0 10 0

Redcar & Cleveland Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Malcolm GriffithsCONBrotton02-05-2019
Barry HuntINDBrotton02-05-2019
Michael DickLABBrotton02-05-2019
Carl QuartermainLABCoatham02-05-2019
Neil BaldwinLABCoatham02-05-2019
Ray GoddardLABDormanstown02-05-2019
Alec BrownLABDormanstown02-05-2019
Ceri CawleyLABDormanstown02-05-2019
Ann HigginsINDEston02-05-2019
Christopher MasseyLABEston02-05-2019
Geraldine WilliamsLABEston02-05-2019
Jade StainthorpeLABGrangetown02-05-2019
Lynn PallisterLABGrangetown02-05-2019
Shelagh HolyoakeLABGuisborough02-05-2019
Bill ClarkeINDGuisborough02-05-2019
Dennis TeasdaleCONGuisborough02-05-2019
Caroline JacksonCONHutton02-05-2019
Graham JefferyCONHutton02-05-2019
Alma ThrowerCONHutton02-05-2019
Kevin FirmanLABKirkleatham02-05-2019
Brenda ForsterLABKirkleatham02-05-2019
Dale QuigleyLABKirkleatham02-05-2019
Steve KayINDLockwood02-05-2019
Mary LaniganINDLoftus02-05-2019
Wayne DaviesINDLoftus02-05-2019
Eric JacksonLABLoftus02-05-2019
Mike FindleyINDLongbeck02-05-2019
Steve TurnerCONLongbeck02-05-2019
Norah CooneyCONLongbeck02-05-2019
Steve TurnerCONLongbeck02-05-2019
Billy WellsINDNewcomen02-05-2019
Laura BensonLDNewcomen02-05-2019
Chris Foley-McCormackLABNormanby02-05-2019
Brian DennisLABNormanby02-05-2019
Billy AyreLABNormanby02-05-2019
Glyn NightingaleLDOrmesby02-05-2019
Carole MorganLDOrmesby02-05-2019
Irene NightingaleLDOrmesby02-05-2019
Stuart SmithINDSaltburn02-05-2019
Philip ThomsonCONSaltburn02-05-2019
Craig HannawayLABSaltburn02-05-2019
David WalshLABSkelton02-05-2019
Helen McLuckieLABSkelton02-05-2019
Cliff FoggoCONSkelton02-05-2019
Neil BendelowLABSouth Bank02-05-2019
Ian JeffreyLABSouth Bank02-05-2019
Sue JeffreyLABSouth Bank02-05-2019
Karen KingLDSt. Germain's02-05-2019
Margaret WilsonLDSt. Germain's02-05-2019
Madge MosesLDSt. Germain's02-05-2019
Bob NortonLABTeesville02-05-2019
Leanne ReedLABTeesville02-05-2019
Robert HodgsonLABTeesville02-05-2019
Lisa HardingLDWest Dyke02-05-2019
Chris JonesLDWest Dyke02-05-2019
Mary OvensLDWest Dyke02-05-2019
Anne WattsINDWestworth02-05-2019
Carole JefferyCONWestworth02-05-2019
Josh MasonLDZetland02-05-2019
Neil O'BrienLABZetland02-05-2019