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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- South Gloucestershire -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

South Gloucestershire Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model
Conservatives 40
Labour 14
LibDems 16
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 70
Councillors:40 14 16 0 0 0 0 0 0

South Gloucestershire Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Keith BurchellCONAlmondsbury02-05-2019
Erica WilliamsCONBitton02-05-2019
Steve ReadeCONBoyd Valley02-05-2019
Benjamin StokesCONBoyd Valley02-05-2019
Sarah PomfretCONBradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge02-05-2019
Brian HopkinsonCONBradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge02-05-2019
Paul HardwickCONBradley Stoke North02-05-2019
John AsheCONBradley Stoke South02-05-2019
Roger AveninCONBradley Stoke South02-05-2019
John O'NeillLDCharfield02-05-2019
Linda BoonLDChipping Sodbury02-05-2019
Rob CreerCONChipping Sodbury02-05-2019
Sue HopeLDCotswold Edge02-05-2019
Tony DavisLDDodington02-05-2019
Gloria StephenLDDodington02-05-2019
Jon HuntCONDownend02-05-2019
Janet BigginCONDownend02-05-2019
Katherine MorrisCONDownend02-05-2019
Dave KearnsCONEmersons Green02-05-2019
Rachael HuntCONEmersons Green02-05-2019
Colin HuntCONEmersons Green02-05-2019
Roger HutchinsonLABFilton02-05-2019
Ian ScottLABFilton02-05-2019
Adam MonkLABFilton02-05-2019
Dave HockeyLDFrampton Cotterell02-05-2019
Pat HockeyLDFrampton Cotterell02-05-2019
Bob PullinCONFrenchay and Stoke Park02-05-2019
Trevor JonesCONFrenchay and Stoke Park02-05-2019
Heather GoddardCONHanham02-05-2019
John GoddardCONHanham02-05-2019
June BamfordCONHanham02-05-2019
April BegleyLABKings Chase02-05-2019
Martin FarmerLABKings Chase02-05-2019
Kim ScudamoreLABKings Chase02-05-2019
Marian LewisCONLadden Brook02-05-2019
Christine PriceCONLongwell Green02-05-2019
Toby SavageCONLongwell Green02-05-2019
Paul HughesCONOldland Common02-05-2019
Samuel BromileyCONOldland Common02-05-2019
Kaye BarrettCONParkwall02-05-2019
Nick BarrettCONParkwall02-05-2019
Ken DandoCONPatchway02-05-2019
Keith WalkerLABPatchway02-05-2019
Eve OrpenLABPatchway02-05-2019
Robert GriffinCONPilning and Severn Beach02-05-2019
Michael BellLABRodway02-05-2019
Judy AdamsCONRodway02-05-2019
John SullivanCONRodway02-05-2019
Matthew RiddleCONSevern02-05-2019
Ian AdamsCONSiston02-05-2019
Shirley PottsLABStaple Hill02-05-2019
Ian BoultonLABStaple Hill02-05-2019
Ernie BrownCONStoke Gifford02-05-2019
Keith CranneyCONStoke Gifford02-05-2019
Brian AllinsonCONStoke Gifford02-05-2019
Clare FardellLDThornbury North02-05-2019
David ChubbCONThornbury North02-05-2019
Shirley HollowayLDThornbury South and Alveston02-05-2019
Maggie TyrrellLDThornbury South and Alveston02-05-2019
Claire YoungLDWesterleigh02-05-2019
Tim BowlesCONWinterbourne02-05-2019
Martin ManningCONWinterbourne02-05-2019
Pat RooneyLABWoodstock02-05-2019
Gareth MansonLABWoodstock02-05-2019
Andy PerkinsLABWoodstock02-05-2019
Ruth DavisLDYate Central02-05-2019
Sue WalkerLDYate Central02-05-2019
John DavisLDYate North02-05-2019
Mike DrewLDYate North02-05-2019
Ian BlairLDYate North02-05-2019