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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Windsor & Maidenhead -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Windsor & Maidenhead Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model
Conservatives 53
Labour 0
LibDems 1
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 2
Vacancies 1
Total Councillors 57
Councillors:53 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 1

Windsor & Maidenhead Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Dr Lilly EvansCONAscot and Cheapside02-05-2019
David HiltonCONAscot and Cheapside02-05-2019
Marion MillsCONBelmont02-05-2019
Philip LoveCONBelmont02-05-2019
Lisa TargowskaCONBelmont02-05-2019
Gerry ClarkCONBisham and Cookham02-05-2019
Richard KellawayCONBisham and Cookham02-05-2019
MJ SaundersCONBisham and Cookham02-05-2019
Paul LionCONBoyn Hill02-05-2019
Claire StrettonCONBoyn Hill02-05-2019
Stuart CarrollCONBoyn Hill02-05-2019
Leo WaltersCONBray02-05-2019
David BurbageCONBray02-05-2019
David CoppingerCONBray02-05-2019
Jack RankinCONCastle Without02-05-2019
Shamsul ShelimCONCastle Without02-05-2019
Wesley RichardsCONCastle Without02-05-2019
John BowdenCONClewer East02-05-2019
Eileen QuickCONClewer East02-05-2019
Nicola PryerCONClewer North02-05-2019
Hashim BhattiCONClewer North02-05-2019
VacancyVACClewer NorthCON04-05-201702-05-2019
Michael AireyCONClewer South02-05-2019
Edward WilsonCONClewer South02-05-2019
Clive BullockCONCox Green02-05-2019
Ross McWilliamsCONCox Green02-05-2019
Paul BrimacombeCONCox Green02-05-2019
Gary MuirCONDatchet02-05-2019
Jesse GreyCONDatchet02-05-2019
Malcolm AlexanderCONEton and Castle02-05-2019
Samantha RaynerCONEton Wick02-05-2019
Hari SharmaCONFurze Platt02-05-2019
Mohammed IlyasCONFurze Platt02-05-2019
Derek SharpCONFurze Platt02-05-2019
Colin RaynerCONHorton and Wraysbury02-05-2019
John LentonCONHorton and Wraysbury02-05-2019
David EvansCONHurley and Walthams02-05-2019
Maureen HuntCONHurley and Walthams02-05-2019
Carwyn CoxCONHurley and Walthams02-05-2019
Judith DimentCONMaidenhead Riverside02-05-2019
Adam SmithCONMaidenhead Riverside02-05-2019
Simon DudleyCONMaidenhead Riverside02-05-2019
Malcolm BeerINDOld Windsor02-05-2019
Lynne JonesINDOld Windsor02-05-2019
Asghar MajeedCONOldfield02-05-2019
Derek WilsonCONOldfield02-05-2019
Geoffrey HillCONOldfield02-05-2019
Natasha AireyCONPark02-05-2019
Phillip BicknellCONPark02-05-2019
Simon WernerLDPinkneys Green02-05-2019
Charles HollingsworthCONPinkneys Green02-05-2019
Marius GilmoreCONPinkneys Green02-05-2019
Christine BatesonCONSunningdale02-05-2019
Sayonara LuxtonCONSunningdale02-05-2019
Lynda YongCONSunninghill and South Ascot02-05-2019
Julian SharpeCONSunninghill and South Ascot02-05-2019
John StoryCONSunninghill and South Ascot02-05-2019