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Council TypeCounty
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Boundary ReviewMerged with rural dorset councils to form Dorset from 2019


Councillors:33 1 10 2 0 0 0 0 0

Dorset Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Rebecca Knox (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBeaminster06-05-2021
Pauline Batstone (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBlackmore Vale06-05-2021
Byron Quayle (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBlandford Forum06-05-2021
Mark Roberts (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBridport06-05-2021
Keith Day (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBridport06-05-2021
Kevin Brookes (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBroadwey06-05-2021
David Jones (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBurton Grange06-05-2021
Jean Dunseith (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyChickerell and Chesil Bank06-05-2021
Peter Hall (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyChristchurch Central06-05-2021
Janet Dover (email)Liberal DemocratsColehill East and Stapehill06-05-2021
Shane Bartlett (email)Liberal DemocratsColehill West and Wimborne Minster06-05-2021
Margaret Phipps (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCommons06-05-2021
Susan Jefferies (email)Liberal DemocratsCorfe Mullen06-05-2021
Steve Butler (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCranborne Chase06-05-2021
Andy Canning (email)Liberal DemocratsDorchester06-05-2021
Richard Biggs (email)Liberal DemocratsDorchester06-05-2021
Andrew Parry (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyFerndown06-05-2021
Mike Parkes (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyFerndown06-05-2021
Andrew Cattaway (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGillingham06-05-2021
David Walsh (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGillingham06-05-2021
Deborah Croney (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHambledon06-05-2021
Nick Ireland (email)Liberal DemocratsLinden Lea06-05-2021
Tony Ferrari (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyLodmoor06-05-2021
Bill Pipe (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyLytchett Minster and Upton06-05-2021
Daryl Turner (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMarshwood Vale06-05-2021
David Shortell (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMoors06-05-2021
Ray Bryan (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMoors06-05-2021
Lesley Dedman (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMudeford and Highcliffe06-05-2021
Peter Wharf (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyNorth West Purbeck06-05-2021
Kate Wheller (email)Labour PartyPortland Harbour06-05-2021
Katharine Garcia (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyPortland Tophill06-05-2021
Clare Sutton (email)Green PartyRodwell06-05-2021
Derek Beer (email)Liberal DemocratsShaftesbury06-05-2021
Mary Penfold (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySherborne Rural06-05-2021
Jon Andrews (email)Liberal DemocratsSherborne Town06-05-2021
Cherry Brooks (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySouth Purbeck06-05-2021
Graham Carr-Jones (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyStalbridge and The Beacon06-05-2021
William Trite (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySwanage06-05-2021
Jill Haynes (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyThree Valleys06-05-2021
Spencer Flower (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyVerwood06-05-2021
Toni Coombs (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyVerwood06-05-2021
Colin Jamieson (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWalkford06-05-2021
Beryl Ezzard (email)Liberal DemocratsWareham06-05-2021
David Harris (email)Liberal DemocratsWestham06-05-2021
Jon Orrell (email)Green PartyWeymouth Town06-05-2021
Hilary Cox (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWinterborne06-05-2021