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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Gedling -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Gedling Details
Council Type District
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 15
Labour 25
LibDems 1
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 41
Councillors:15 25 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Gedling Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Denis Beeston MBELABBestwood St Albans02-05-2019
Tammy BissetCONBestwood St Albans02-05-2019
Jane WalkerCONCalverton02-05-2019
Boyd ElliottCONCalverton02-05-2019
Paul StirlandCONCalverton02-05-2019
Paul WilkinsonLABCarlton02-05-2019
Nicki BrooksLABCarlton02-05-2019
Jim CreamerLABCarlton Hill02-05-2019
Paul FeeneyLABCarlton Hill02-05-2019
Alex ScroggieLABCarlton Hill02-05-2019
Emily Bailey JayLABCavendish02-05-2019
Gary GregoryLABCavendish02-05-2019
Meredith LawrenceLABColwick02-05-2019
Henry WheelerLABCoppice02-05-2019
Marje PalingLABCoppice02-05-2019
Sandra BarnesLABDaybrook02-05-2019
Peter BarnesLABDaybrook02-05-2019
Helen GreensmithCONDumbles02-05-2019
David EllisLABErnehale02-05-2019
Roxanne EllisLABErnehale02-05-2019
Jenny HollingsworthLABGedling02-05-2019
Alan BexonCONGedling02-05-2019
John ClarkeLABNetherfield02-05-2019
Barbara MillerLABNetherfield02-05-2019
Chris BarnfatherCONNewstead Abbey02-05-2019
Colin PowellCONNewstead Abbey02-05-2019
Bruce AndrewsCONNewstead Abbey02-05-2019
Kathryn FoxLABPhoenix02-05-2019
Andrew EllwoodLDPhoenix02-05-2019
Sarah HewsonCONPlains02-05-2019
John ParrCONPlains02-05-2019
Carol PepperCONPlains02-05-2019
Muriel WeiszLABPorchester02-05-2019
Bob CollisLABPorchester02-05-2019
John TruscottLABPorchester02-05-2019
Pauline AllanLABRedhill02-05-2019
Michael PayneLABRedhill02-05-2019
Stephen PooleCONTrent Valley02-05-2019
Kevin DoyleCONTrent Valley02-05-2019
Viv McCrossenLABWoodthorpe02-05-2019
Michael AdamsCONWoodthorpe02-05-2019