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This website collects the names, parties and wards of all UK councillors directly from council websites roughly on a monthly basis and provides the data for the public domain (CSVs above). It also includes information on vacant council seats (by-elections) and local election rounds.

The site covers all English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish councils and Isles of Scilly.

NOC councils are counted under the party of the mayor or the largest coalition party.


(Last Updated: 25-05-2020)
Conservatives Labour LibDems Greens SNP Plaid Ind/Others Vacancies Total
Majority Councils:142972300110273
Coalition Leader (for NOC):3633151143220124
Total Councils Led:178130381144320397
Councillors:7409 6208 2534 381 413 201 2513 128

Councils:178 130 38 1 14 4 32 0

Northern Ireland

(Last Updated: 01-03-2020)
DUP Sinn Fein UUP SDLP Alliance Ind/Others Co-option Total
Councillors:121 104 74 59 53 51 0