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This website collects the names, parties and wards of all UK councillors directly from council websites roughly on a weekly basis and provides the data for open download. It also includes information on vacant council seats (i.e. by-elections) and local election rounds.

The site covers all English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish councils, including the Corporation of the City of London and the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

Click on the council name on any page to see more detailed information.

Where a council is 'No Overall Control' I've also tried to give the coalition running the council. In the table below, NOC councils with a mayor are counted under the party of the mayor.

Some NOC councils still deciding on coalitions.

England/Wales/Scotland (Data: 09-05-2017-23-05-2017)
Conservatives Labour LibDems Greens UKIP Plaid SNP Ind/Others Vacancies Total
Majority Councils:201105801107323
Coalition Leader in NOC:23225003851884
Total Councils Led:2241271301481218407
Councillors:9162 6421 1804 182 304 205 425 1779 72

Councils:224 127 13 0 1 4 8 12 18

Northern Ireland as of 10-05-2017
DUP Sinn Fein UUP SDLP Alliance TUV Green PUP Ind/Others Vacancies Total
Councillors:131 103 84 61 30 10 3 4 35 1