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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- North Kesteven -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

North Kesteven Details
Council Type District
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 28
Labour 0
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 15
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 43
Councillors:28 0 0 0 0 0 0 15 0

North Kesteven Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Steve CleggINDAshby De La Launde and Cranwell02-05-2019
Miss Sarah PearseCONAshby De La Launde and Cranwell02-05-2019
Mrs Sue HoweCONBassingham and Brant Broughton02-05-2019
Mrs Pat Woodman MBECONBassingham and Brant Broughton02-05-2019
Susanna MatthanINDBillinghaymartin and North Kyme02-05-2019
Mrs Gill OgdenCONBillinghaymartin and North Kyme02-05-2019
Mike GallagherCONBracebridge Heath and Waddington East02-05-2019
Peter BurleyCONBracebridge Heath and Waddington East02-05-2019
Lindsey CawreyCONBracebridge Heath and Waddington East02-05-2019
Peter LundgrenINDBranston02-05-2019
Ray CuckseyCONBranston02-05-2019
Catherine MillsINDCliff Villages02-05-2019
Mrs Marianne Overton MBEINDCliff Villages02-05-2019
Mrs Sally ApplebyCONEagleswinderby and Witham St Hughs02-05-2019
Mrs Barbara Wells MBEINDEagleswinderby and Witham St Hughs02-05-2019
Stewart OgdenCONHeckington Rural02-05-2019
Mrs Sally TarryCONHeckington Rural02-05-2019
Ron OxbyCONHeighington and Washingborough02-05-2019
Ian CarringtonCONHeighington and Washingborough02-05-2019
Mrs Marion Brighton OBECONHeighington and Washingborough02-05-2019
Mrs Julia HarrisonCONKirkby La Thorpe and South Kyme02-05-2019
Mrs Susan WaringCONLeasingham and Rauceby02-05-2019
John MoneyCONMetheringham02-05-2019
Rob KendrickCONMetheringham02-05-2019
Mrs Kay BarrettINDNorth Hykeham Forum02-05-2019
Wallace LeeINDNorth Hykeham Memorial02-05-2019
Ms Andrea ClarkeCONNorth Hykeham Mill02-05-2019
Mike ClarkeCONNorth Hykeham Mill02-05-2019
Mrs Pam WhittakerCONNorth Hykeham Moor02-05-2019
Ross LittleCONNorth Hykeham Witham02-05-2019
Kate CookCONOsbournby02-05-2019
Richard WrightCONRuskington02-05-2019
Terry BostonCONRuskington02-05-2019
Mrs Shirley PannellINDSkellingthorpe02-05-2019
Chris GoldsonINDSkellingthorpe02-05-2019
Keith DolbyINDSleaford Castle02-05-2019
Grenville JacksonINDSleaford Holdingham02-05-2019
David SuiterINDSleaford Navigation02-05-2019
Tim ConningCONSleaford Quarrington and Mareham02-05-2019
Mark SuffieldINDSleaford Quarrington and Mareham02-05-2019
Geoff HazelwoodCONSleaford Quarrington and Mareham02-05-2019
Steve FieldsINDSleaford Westholme02-05-2019
Lance PennellCONWaddington West02-05-2019