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- Lincolnshire -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Boundary Review: 70 wards from 2017

Lincolnshire Details
Council Type County
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 37
Labour 12
LibDems 4
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 14
Vacancies 1
Total Councillors 77
Councillors:37 12 4 0 9 0 0 14 1

Lincolnshire Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Stephen Leslie William PalmerINDAlford and Sutton04-05-2017
Charles Lewis StrangeCONAncholme Cliff04-05-2017
Ian Gordon FleetwoodCONBardney and Cherry Willingham04-05-2017
Raymond John Phillips FRICS FAAV MRACCONBassingham Rural04-05-2017
Mrs Patricia Anne BradwellCONBillinghay and Metheringham04-05-2017
Miss Felicity Elizabeth Ellen RansomeUKIBoston Coastal04-05-2017
Mrs Sue RansomeUKIBoston East04-05-2017
Miss Elizabeth Lucy RansomeUKIBoston Fishtoft04-05-2017
Ms Tiggs Keywood-WainwrightINDBoston North West04-05-2017
Michael BrookesCONBoston Rural04-05-2017
Alison Mary AustinINDBoston South04-05-2017
Robert Arthur Henry McAuleyINDBoston West04-05-2017
Mrs Susan WoolleyCONBourne Abbey04-05-2017
Mrs Helen Nunziatina Joan PowellINDBourne Castle04-05-2017
Mrs Christine Anne TalbotCONBracebridge Heath and Waddington04-05-2017
Mrs Marianne Jane Overton MBEINDBranston and Navenby04-05-2017
Bob AdamsCONColsterworth Rural04-05-2017
Nigel Harry PepperCONCrowland and Whaplode04-05-2017
Philip Maurice DilksLABDeeping St James04-05-2017
Mrs Susan Mary WrayCONDonington Rural04-05-2017
Martin John Hill OBECONFolkingham Rural04-05-2017
John William BeaverINDGainsborough Hill04-05-2017
Stuart Francis KinchCONGainsborough Rural South04-05-2017
Patrick Joseph O'ConnorLDGainsborough Trent04-05-2017
Mark Anthony WhittingtonCONGrantham Barrowby04-05-2017
Linda WoottenCONGrantham East04-05-2017
Ray WoottenCONGrantham North04-05-2017
Richard Graham DaviesCONGrantham North West04-05-2017
Dawn Charmaine MorganLABGrantham South04-05-2017
Clive Ronald OxbyCONHeighington and Washingborough04-05-2017
Charles Nicholas WorthCONHolbeach04-05-2017
William Scrimshaw WebbCONHolbeach Rural04-05-2017
William James AronINDHorncastle and Tetford04-05-2017
Paul WoodINDHough04-05-2017
John Rawdon MarriottLDHykeham Forum04-05-2017
Colin John DavieCONIngoldmells Rural04-05-2017
Rosanne Christina KirkLABLincoln Birchwood04-05-2017
Kevin John ClarkeLABLincoln Boultham04-05-2017
Marc Stuart JonesCONLincoln Bracebridge04-05-2017
Robin Anthony RenshawLABLincoln East04-05-2017
Neil McElhinney MurrayLABLincoln Glebe04-05-2017
Mrs Nicola Jane SmithUKILincoln Hartsholme04-05-2017
Geoffrey John EllisLABLincoln Moorland04-05-2017
Mrs Judith Mary RenshawLABLincoln North04-05-2017
Neville Ian JacksonLABLincoln Park04-05-2017
Robert Bernard ParkerLABLincoln West04-05-2017
Daniel McNallyCONLouth Marsh04-05-2017
Sarah Rosemary DoddsLABLouth North04-05-2017
Anthony BridgesCONLouth Rural North04-05-2017
John Duncomb HoughLABLouth South04-05-2017
Charles Edward Hugo MarfleetCONLouth Wolds04-05-2017
Peter Allan RobinsonCONMarket and West Deeping04-05-2017
Burton Walter KeimachCONMarket Rasen Wolds04-05-2017
Mrs Jacqueline BrockwayCONNettleham and Saxilby04-05-2017
Anthony Herbert Turner MBE JPCONNorth Wolds04-05-2017
Stuart Miles TweedaleCONRuskington and Cranwell04-05-2017
Mrs Lesley Anne RollingsLDScotter Rural04-05-2017
Dean Michael Hunter-ClarkeUKISkegness North04-05-2017
Robin James Hunter-ClarkeUKISkegness South04-05-2017
Reginald Alan ShoreLDSkellingthorpe and Hykeham South04-05-2017
Mark Guy AllanINDSleaford04-05-2017
Barry YoungCONSleaford Rural South04-05-2017
Andrew Gibson HaguesCONSleaford West and Leasingham04-05-2017
Richard Geoffrey FairmanUKISpalding East and Moulton04-05-2017
Mrs Elizabeth Jane SneathCONSpalding Elloe04-05-2017
Alan James JessonINDSpalding South04-05-2017
Mrs Angela Mary NewtonINDSpalding West04-05-2017
Mrs Victoria Carolyn AylingUKISpilsby Fen04-05-2017
Robert Lloyd FoulkesCONStamford North04-05-2017
Thomas Martin Trollope-BellewCONStamford Rural04-05-2017
David BrailsfordCONStamford West04-05-2017
Christopher James Thomas Harrison BrewisINDSutton Elloe04-05-2017
Colin Edward Daniel MairUKITattershall Castle04-05-2017
Christopher PainINDWainfleet and Burgh04-05-2017
Mrs Susan RawlinsCONWelton Rural04-05-2017
Denis Colin Hoyes MBECONWoodhall Spa and Wragby04-05-2017