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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Hounslow -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Hounslow Details
Council Type London
Election Model ALL
Administrative Model Leader and Cabinet
Conservatives 11
Labour 48
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 1
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 60
Councillors:11 48 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

Hounslow Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
Keith AndersonLABBedfont03-05-2018
Sachin GuptaLABBedfont03-05-2018
Sam ChristieLABBedfont03-05-2018
Myra SavinLABBrentford03-05-2018
Mel CollinsLABBrentford03-05-2018
Guy LambertLABBrentford03-05-2018
Robert OuldsCONChiswick Homefields03-05-2018
Gerald McGregorCONChiswick Homefields03-05-2018
John ToddCONChiswick Homefields03-05-2018
Felicity BarwoodCONChiswick Riverside03-05-2018
Sam HearnCONChiswick Riverside03-05-2018
Paul LynchCONChiswick Riverside03-05-2018
Sukhbir Singh DhaliwalLABCranford03-05-2018
Gurpal VirdiINDCranford03-05-2018
Daanish SaeedLABCranford03-05-2018
Khulique MalikLABFeltham North03-05-2018
John ChattLABFeltham North03-05-2018
Hina MirLABFeltham North03-05-2018
Alan MitchellLABFeltham West03-05-2018
David HughesLABFeltham West03-05-2018
Elizabeth Patricia HughesLABFeltham West03-05-2018
Samia ChaudharyLABHanworth03-05-2018
Richard FooteLABHanworth03-05-2018
Candice AttertonLABHanworth03-05-2018
Tina HoweLABHanworth Park03-05-2018
Hanif KhanLABHanworth Park03-05-2018
Bishnu Bahadur GurungLABHanworth Park03-05-2018
Manjit Singh ButtarLABHeston Central03-05-2018
Surinder PurewalLABHeston Central03-05-2018
Harleen Atwal HearLABHeston Central03-05-2018
Kamaljit KaurLABHeston East03-05-2018
Amritpal MannLABHeston East03-05-2018
Gurmail LalLABHeston East03-05-2018
Shantanu RajawatLABHeston West03-05-2018
Lily BathLABHeston West03-05-2018
Rajinder BathLABHeston West03-05-2018
Ajmer GrewalLABHounslow Central03-05-2018
Nisar MalikLABHounslow Central03-05-2018
Pritam GrewalLABHounslow Central03-05-2018
Mukesh MalhotraLABHounslow Heath03-05-2018
Colin EllarLABHounslow Heath03-05-2018
Corinna SmartLABHounslow Heath03-05-2018
Shaida MehrbanLABHounslow South03-05-2018
Bob WhatleyLABHounslow South03-05-2018
Tom BruceLABHounslow South03-05-2018
Bandna ChopraLABHounslow West03-05-2018
Jagdish Sharma MBE JP MALABHounslow West03-05-2018
Puneet GrewalLABHounslow West03-05-2018
Ed MayneLABIsleworth03-05-2018
Linda GreenLABIsleworth03-05-2018
Sue SampsonLABIsleworth03-05-2018
Peter De Vic CareyCONOsterley and Spring Grove03-05-2018
Tony LoukiLABOsterley and Spring Grove03-05-2018
Sheila O'ReillyCONOsterley and Spring Grove03-05-2018
Steve CurranLABSyon03-05-2018
Katherine DunneLABSyon03-05-2018
Theo DennisonLABSyon03-05-2018
Peter ThompsonCONTurnham Green03-05-2018
Adrian LeeCONTurnham Green03-05-2018
Samantha DaviesCONTurnham Green03-05-2018