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Some councils electing by halves or thirds do not yet have election dates split for individual wards. Updates coming soon.

- Plymouth -

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Last updated: 16-04-2017

Plymouth Details
Council Type Unitary
Election Model THIRD
Administrative Model
Conservatives 27
Labour 27
LibDems 0
Greens 0
Plaid 0
Ind/Others 0
Vacancies 0
Total Councillors 57
Councillors:27 27 0 0 3 0 0 0 0

Plymouth Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardDefendingDate of ByelectionNext May Election
David DownieCONBudshead03-05-2018
Jonathan DreanCONBudshead03-05-2018
Jon TaylorLABBudshead03-05-2018
David FletcherCONCompton03-05-2018
Ted FryCONCompton03-05-2018
Richard BallCONCompton03-05-2018
Kate TaylorLABDevonport03-05-2018
Mark CokerLABDevonport03-05-2018
Bill StevensLABDevonport03-05-2018
Steven RickettsCONDrake03-05-2018
Chaz SinghLABDrake03-05-2018
Brian VincentLABEfford and Lipson03-05-2018
Neil HendyLABEfford and Lipson03-05-2018
Pauline MurphyLABEfford and Lipson03-05-2018
Ian BowyerCONEggbuckland03-05-2018
Heath CookCONEggbuckland03-05-2018
Lynda BowyerCONEggbuckland03-05-2018
Christopher StorerUKIHam03-05-2018
Tudor EvansLABHam03-05-2018
Tina TuohyLABHam03-05-2018
Peter SmithLABHonicknowle03-05-2018
John RileyUKIHonicknowle03-05-2018
Mark LowryLABHonicknowle03-05-2018
Christopher MavinLABMoor View03-05-2018
Maddi BridgemanUKIMoor View03-05-2018
Nick KellyCONMoor View03-05-2018
Dr John MahonyCONPeverell03-05-2018
Martin LeavesCONPeverell03-05-2018
Tony CarsonCONPeverell03-05-2018
Glenn JordanCONPlympton Chaddlewood03-05-2018
Sam LeavesCONPlympton Chaddlewood03-05-2018
Ian DarcyCONPlympton Erle03-05-2018
Terri BeerCONPlympton Erle03-05-2018
David JamesCONPlympton St. Mary03-05-2018
Patrick NicholsonCONPlympton St. Mary03-05-2018
Andrea LoveridgeCONPlympton St. Mary03-05-2018
Nigel ChurchillCONPlymstock Dunstone03-05-2018
Vivien PengellyCONPlymstock Dunstone03-05-2018
Kevin WigensCONPlymstock Dunstone03-05-2018
Michael LeavesCONPlymstock Radford03-05-2018
Ken FosterCONPlymstock Radford03-05-2018
Wendy FosterCONPlymstock Radford03-05-2018
Lorraine Parker-Delaz-AjeteLABSouthway03-05-2018
Jonny MorrisLABSouthway03-05-2018
Mark DeaconCONSouthway03-05-2018
Sally BowieLABSt. Budeaux03-05-2018
Darren WinterLABSt. Budeaux03-05-2018
George WheelerLABSt. Budeaux03-05-2018
Ian TuffinLABSt. Peter and The Waterfront03-05-2018
Susan McDonaldLABSt. Peter and The Waterfront03-05-2018
Chris PenberthyLABSt. Peter and The Waterfront03-05-2018
Sam DaveyLABStoke03-05-2018
Michael SparlingLABStoke03-05-2018
Philippa DaveyLABStoke03-05-2018
Mary AspinallLABSutton and Mount Gould03-05-2018
Sue DannLABSutton and Mount Gould03-05-2018
Eddie RennieLABSutton and Mount Gould03-05-2018