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South Cambridgeshire

Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:36 1 14 0 0 0 0 6 0

South Cambridgeshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Richard TurnerConservative and Unionist PartyBalsham03-05-2018
Andrew FraserConservative and Unionist PartyBalsham03-05-2018
Roger HallConservative and Unionist PartyBar Hill03-05-2018
Bunty WatersConservative and Unionist PartyBar Hill03-05-2018
Francis BurkittConservative and Unionist PartyBarton03-05-2018
David McCraithConservative and Unionist PartyBassingbourn03-05-2018
Nigel CathcartLabour PartyBassingbourn03-05-2018
Ruth BetsonConservative and Unionist PartyBourn03-05-2018
Simon CrockerConservative and Unionist PartyBourn03-05-2018
Des O'BrienConservative and Unionist PartyBourn03-05-2018
Tumi HawkinsLiberal DemocratsCaldecote03-05-2018
Tim ScottConservative and Unionist PartyComberton03-05-2018
Lynda HarfordConservative and Unionist PartyCottenham03-05-2018
Tim WotherspoonConservative and Unionist PartyCottenham03-05-2018
Simon EdwardsConservative and Unionist PartyCottenham03-05-2018
Mick MartinConservative and Unionist PartyDuxford03-05-2018
Deborah RobertsIndependent / OtherFowlmere and Foxton03-05-2018
John WilliamsLiberal DemocratsFulbourn03-05-2018
Graham ConeConservative and Unionist PartyFulbourn03-05-2018
Bridget SmithLiberal DemocratsGamlingay03-05-2018
Sebastian KindersleyLiberal DemocratsGamlingay03-05-2018
Tom BygottConservative and Unionist PartyGirton03-05-2018
Douglas deLaceyIndependent / OtherGirton03-05-2018
Grenville ChamberlainConservative and Unionist PartyHardwick03-05-2018
Janet LockwoodLiberal DemocratsHarston and Hauxton03-05-2018
Doug CattermoleLiberal DemocratsHaslingfield and The Eversdens03-05-2018
Edd StonhamIndependent / OtherHiston and Impington03-05-2018
Christopher CrossConservative and Unionist PartyHiston and Impington03-05-2018
Neil DaviesIndependent / OtherHiston and Impington03-05-2018
John BatchelorLiberal DemocratsLinton03-05-2018
Henry BatchelorLiberal DemocratsLinton03-05-2018
Alex RileyConservative and Unionist PartyLongstanton03-05-2018
Jose HalesLiberal DemocratsMelbourn03-05-2018
Val BarrettConservative and Unionist PartyMelbourn03-05-2018
Philippa HartLiberal DemocratsMeldreth03-05-2018
Anna BradnamLiberal DemocratsMilton03-05-2018
Hazel SmithLiberal DemocratsMilton03-05-2018
Aidan Van de WeyerLiberal DemocratsOrwell and Barrington03-05-2018
Nick WrightConservative and Unionist PartyPapworth and Elsworth03-05-2018
Mark HowellConservative and Unionist PartyPapworth and Elsworth03-05-2018
Kevin CuffleyConservative and Unionist PartySawston03-05-2018
David BardConservative and Unionist PartySawston03-05-2018
Raymond MatthewsConservative and Unionist PartySawston03-05-2018
Sue EllingtonConservative and Unionist PartySwavesey03-05-2018
Caroline HuntConservative and Unionist PartyTeversham03-05-2018
Tony OrgeeConservative and Unionist PartyThe Abingtons03-05-2018
Cicely MurfittIndependent / OtherThe Mordens03-05-2018
David Whiteman-DownesConservative and Unionist PartyThe Shelfords and Stapleford03-05-2018
Ben SheltonConservative and Unionist PartyThe Shelfords and Stapleford03-05-2018
Charles NightingaleConservative and Unionist PartyThe Shelfords and Stapleford03-05-2018
Robert TurnerConservative and Unionist PartyThe Wilbrahams03-05-2018
Peter JohnsonIndependent / OtherWaterbeach03-05-2018
Ingrid TregoingLiberal DemocratsWaterbeach03-05-2018
Peter ToppingConservative and Unionist PartyWhittlesford03-05-2018
Ray ManningConservative and Unionist PartyWillingham and Over03-05-2018
Pippa CorneyConservative and Unionist PartyWillingham and Over03-05-2018
Brian BurlingConservative and Unionist PartyWillingham and Over03-05-2018