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South Kesteven

Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000141
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlIND/GRN/LD



South Kesteven Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Richard Dixon-WarrenConservative and UnionistAveland2027
Elvis StookeIndependent / OtherBelmont2027
Phil GaddIndependent / OtherBelmont2027
Pam BosworthConservative and UnionistBelvoir2027
Robert LeadenhamConservative and UnionistBelvoir2027
Paul FellowsIndependent / OtherBourne Austerby2027
Emma BakerGreen PartyBourne Austerby2027
Rhys BakerGreen PartyBourne Austerby2027
Philip KnowlesIndependent / OtherBourne East2027
Zoe LaneConservative and UnionistBourne East2027
Helen CrawfordConservative and UnionistBourne West2027
Anna KellyIndependent / OtherBourne West2027
Rosemary Trollope-BellewIndependent / OtherCasewick2027
Vanessa SmithGreen PartyCasewick2027
Nick RobinsConservative and UnionistCastle2027
Bridget LeyIndependent / OtherDeeping St James2027
Phil DilksIndependent / OtherDeeping St James2027
James DennistonIndependent / OtherDeeping St James2027
Barry DobsonIndependent / OtherDole Wood2027
Penny RobinsConservative and UnionistGlen2027
Paul StokesIndependent / OtherGrantham Arnoldfield2027
Paul MartinConservative and UnionistGrantham Arnoldfield2027
Gareth KnightConservative and UnionistGrantham Barrowby Gate2027
Mark WhittingtonConservative and UnionistGrantham Barrowby Gate2027
Lee SteptoeLabour PartyGrantham Earlesfield2027
Steven CunningtonIndependent / OtherGrantham Earlesfield2027
Ian SelbyIndependent / OtherGrantham Harrowby2027
Chris NoonIndependent / OtherGrantham Harrowby2027
Rob ShorrockLabour PartyGrantham Springfield2027
Nikki ManterfieldConservative and UnionistGrantham Springfield2027
Patsy EllisIndependent / OtherGrantham St Vincent's2027
Graham JealConservative and UnionistGrantham St Vincent's2027
Charmaine MorganIndependent / OtherGrantham St Vincent's2027
Matthew BaileyConservative and UnionistGrantham St Wulfram's2027
Tim HarrisonIndependent / OtherGrantham St Wulfram's2027
David BellamyConservative and UnionistIsaac Newton2027
Ben GreenConservative and UnionistIsaac Newton2027
Sarah TrotterConservative and UnionistLincrest2027
Penny MilnesIndependent / OtherLoveden Heath2027
Virginia MoranIndependent / OtherMarket & West Deeping2027
Pam ByrdIndependent / OtherMarket & West Deeping2027
Ashley BaxterIndependent / OtherMarket & West Deeping2027
Sue WoolleyConservative and UnionistMorton2027
Ian StokesConservative and UnionistPeascliffe & Ridgeway2027
Peter StephensConservative and UnionistPeascliffe & Ridgeway2027
Max SawyerIndependent / OtherStamford All Saints2027
Habibur RahmanLiberal DemocratsStamford All Saints2027
Gloria JohnsonConservative and UnionistStamford St George's2027
Rhea RaysideLiberal DemocratsStamford St George's2027
Richard CleaverIndependent / OtherStamford St John's2027
Susan SandallConservative and UnionistStamford St John's2027
Jane KingmanConservative and UnionistStamford St Mary's2027
Harrish BisnauthsingLiberal DemocratsStamford St Mary's2027
Murray TurnerLiberal DemocratsToller2027
Jane WoodIndependent / OtherViking2027
Paul WoodIndependent / OtherViking2027

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