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Council TypeWales
ONS CodeW06000010
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlPC min


Councillors:0 22 0 0 0 29 0 23 0

Carmarthenshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
IvorJacksonIndependent / OtherAbergwili2021
SharenDaviesLabour PartyAmmanford2021
JeffEdmundsLabour PartyBetws2021
GarethJonesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBigyn2021
DarrenPricePlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBigyn2021
AlunLennyPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBurry Port2021
JimJonesIndependent / OtherBurry Port2021
DavidJenkinsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBynea2021
GilesMorganIndependent / OtherCarmarthen Town North2021
AnthonyDaviesIndependent / OtherCarmarthen Town North2021
TegwenDevichandLabour PartyCarmarthen Town South2021
PennyEdwardsLabour PartyCarmarthen Town South2021
CalumHigginsLabour PartyCarmarthen Town West2021
DeianHarriesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCarmarthen Town West2021
DaffDaviesIndependent / OtherCenarth2021
GarethThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCilycwm2021
SianThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCynwyl Elfed2021
AndrewJamesIndependent / OtherCynwyl Gaeo2021
JeffreyThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesDafen2021
JoyWilliamsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesElli2021
AlanSpeakePlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesFelinfoel2021
ErylMorganLabour PartyGarnant2021
TomDefisPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesGlanaman2021
LouvainRobertsLabour PartyGlanymor2021
HughShepardsonIndependent / OtherGlanymor2021
JeanLewisPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesGlyn2021
LindaEvansPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesGorslas2021
MerylGravellIndependent / OtherGorslas2021
PeterHughesGriffithsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesHendy2021
IrfonJonesIndependent / OtherHengoed2021
TyssulEvansPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesHengoed2021
JosephDaviesIndependent / OtherKidwelly2021
JaniceWilliamsLabour PartyLaugharne Township2021
WynEvansIndependent / OtherLlanboidy2021
ManselCharlesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlanddarog2021
EirwynWilliamsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlandeilo2021
DerykCundyLabour PartyLlandovery2021
HazelEvansPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlandybie2021
GwynethThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlandybie2021
SianCaiachPeople First - Gwerin GyntafLlanegwad2021
TheressaBowenIndependent / OtherLlanfihangel Aberbythych2021
GlynogDaviesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlanfihangel-ar-Arth2021
KimThomasLabour PartyLlangadog2021
KeithDaviesLabour PartyLlangeler2021
ShirleyMatthewsLabour PartyLlangennech2021
KennethHowellPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlangennech2021
PhilipHughesIndependent / OtherLlangunnor2021
IeuanDaviesIndependent / OtherLlangyndeyrn2021
KevinMadgeLabour PartyLlannon2021
AlunDaviesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlannon2021
EmlynDolePlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlansteffan2021
ThomasTheophilusIndependent / OtherLlanybydder2021
RoyLlewellynPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLliedi2021
HughRichardsIndependent / OtherLliedi2021
JohnJamesLabour PartyLlwynhendy2021
AnthonyJonesLabour PartyLlwynhendy2021
EdwardThomasIndependent / OtherManordeilo and Salem2021
JeffreyOwenPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesPembrey2021
JaneTremlettIndependent / OtherPembrey2021
GwynHopkinsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesPenyGroes2021
PatriciaJonesLabour PartyPontamman2021
SusanAllenIndependent / OtherPontyberem2021
PeterCooperLabour PartyQuarter Bach2021
TerryDaviesLabour PartySaron2021
CefinCampellPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesSaron2021
KeriThomasLabour PartySt Clears2021
ElwynWilliamsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesSt Ishmael2021
BillThomasLabour PartySwiss Valley2021
ColinEvansLabour PartyTrelech2021
RyanBartlettLabour PartyTrimsaran2021
WinstonLemonPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesTycroes2021
PamelaPalmerIndependent / OtherTyisha2021
JohnJenkinsIndependent / OtherTyisha2021
MairStephensIndependent / OtherWhitland2021

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