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North Northamptonshire

Council TypeUnitary
ONS CodeE06000061
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON


Councillors:53 17 1 3 0 0 0 4 0

North Northamptonshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Paul BellConservative and UnionistBrickhill and Queensway2025
Matt BinleyConservative and UnionistBrickhill and Queensway2025
King LawalConservative and UnionistBrickhill and Queensway2025
John CurrallConservative and UnionistBurton and Broughton2025
Jan O'HaraConservative and UnionistBurton and Broughton2025
Chris Smith-HaynesConservative and UnionistBurton and Broughton2025
Dez DellGreen PartyClover Hill2025
Emily FedorowyczGreen PartyClover Hill2025
Sarah TubbsGreen PartyClover Hill2025
Macaulay NicholConservative and UnionistCorby Rural2025
David SimsLabour PartyCorby Rural2025
Kevin WattConservative and UnionistCorby Rural2025
Matt KeaneLabour PartyCorby West2025
Jean AddisonLabour PartyCorby West2025
Alison DalzielLabour PartyCorby West2025
Tim AlleboneConservative and UnionistCroyland and Swanspool2025
Valerie AnslowLabour PartyCroyland and Swanspool2025
Philip IrwinConservative and UnionistCroyland and Swanspool2025
Mark DearingConservative and UnionistDesborough2025
David HowesConservative and UnionistDesborough2025
William McElhinneyConservative and UnionistDesborough2025
Clive HallamConservative and UnionistEarls Barton2025
Lora LawmanConservative and UnionistEarls Barton2025
Scott BrownConservative and UnionistEarls Barton2025
Jonathan EkinsConservative and UnionistFinedon2025
Malcolm WardConservative and UnionistFinedon2025
Andrew WeatherillConservative and UnionistFinedon2025
Malcolm WatersConservative and UnionistHatton Park2025
Ken HarringtonConservative and UnionistHatton Park2025
Graham LawmanConservative and UnionistHatton Park2025
Jennie BoneConservative and UnionistHigham Ferrers2025
Bert JacksonConservative and UnionistHigham Ferrers2025
Harriet PentlandConservative and UnionistHigham Ferrers2025
Jon-Paul CarrConservative and UnionistIrchester2025
Martin GriffithsIndependent / OtherIrchester2025
Tom Partridge-UnderwoodConservative and UnionistIrchester2025
Dorothy MaxwellConservative and UnionistIrthlingborough2025
Roger PowellConservative and UnionistIrthlingborough2025
Kirk HarrisonConservative and UnionistIrthlingborough2025
Lloyd BundayConservative and UnionistIse2025
Elliot PrenticeLabour PartyIse2025
Mark RowleyConservative and UnionistIse2025
Zoe McGheeLabour PartyKingswood2025
Peter McEwanLabour PartyKingswood2025
John McGheeLabour PartyKingswood2025
Lyn BuckinghamLabour PartyLloyds2025
William ColquhounLabour PartyLloyds2025
Mark PengellyLabour PartyLloyds2025
Ian JelleyConservative and UnionistNorthall2025
Anup PandeyConservative and UnionistNorthall2025
Keli WattsLabour PartyNorthall2025
Leanne BuckinghamLabour PartyOakley2025
Simon RiellyLabour PartyOakley2025
Ross ArmourLabour PartyOakley2025
Charlie BestLiberal DemocratsOundle2025
Helen HarrisonConservative and UnionistOundle2025
Jason SmithersConservative and UnionistOundle2025
Helen HowellConservative and UnionistRaunds2025
Richard LevellConservative and UnionistRaunds2025
Lee WilkesConservative and UnionistRaunds2025
Cedwien BrownIndependent / OtherRothwell and Mawsley2025
Jim HakewillIndependent / OtherRothwell and Mawsley2025
Joseph SmythIndependent / OtherRothwell and Mawsley2025
Barbara JenneyConservative and UnionistRushden Pemberton West2025
Gill MercerConservative and UnionistRushden Pemberton West2025
Michael TyeConservative and UnionistRushden Pemberton West2025
Steven NorthConservative and UnionistRushden South2025
Melanie ColemanConservative and UnionistRushden South2025
Andy MercerConservative and UnionistRushden South2025
David BrackenburyConservative and UnionistThrapston2025
Wendy BrackenburyConservative and UnionistThrapston2025
Geoff ShacklockConservative and UnionistThrapston2025
Scott EdwardsConservative and UnionistWicksteed2025
Larry HensonConservative and UnionistWicksteed2025
Russell RobertsConservative and UnionistWicksteed2025
Anne LeeLabour PartyWindmill2025
Paul MarksConservative and UnionistWindmill2025
Robin CarterConservative and UnionistWindmill2025

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