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List all 2019 councillors for:

All 21 Councillors for Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell (2019)

NameCouncilWardEnd of Term
Nigel CollinEpsom and EwellCollege04-05-2023
Christine ClevelandEpsom and EwellEwell04-05-2023
Clive WoodbridgeEpsom and EwellEwell04-05-2023
Humphrey ReynoldsEpsom and EwellEwell04-05-2023
Chris FrostEpsom and EwellNonsuch04-05-2023
Christine HowellsEpsom and EwellNonsuch04-05-2023
Colin KeaneEpsom and EwellNonsuch04-05-2023
Alan SurshamEpsom and EwellRuxley04-05-2023
Alex ColeyEpsom and EwellRuxley04-05-2023
Jan MasonEpsom and EwellRuxley04-05-2023
Previn JagutpalEpsom and EwellStamford04-05-2023
Steve BridgerEpsom and EwellStamford04-05-2023
Arthur AbdulinEpsom and EwellTown04-05-2023
Luke GilesEpsom and EwellTown04-05-2023
Neil Dallen MBEEpsom and EwellTown04-05-2023
Barry NashEpsom and EwellWest Ewell04-05-2023
Clive SmitheramEpsom and EwellWest Ewell04-05-2023
Monica ColemanEpsom and EwellWest Ewell04-05-2023
Bernice FroudEpsom and EwellWoodcote04-05-2023
Liz FrostEpsom and EwellWoodcote04-05-2023
Steven McCormickEpsom and EwellWoodcote04-05-2023

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