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Lisburn and Castlereagh 2016-17

Council SourceURL
Total Councillors40
Councillors:19 0 9 4 7 1 0

Lisburn and Castlereagh Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardNext May Election
Tim MorrowAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandCastlereagh East02-05-2019
Ald Tommy JeffersDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Castlereagh East02-05-2019
Hazel LeggeUlster Unionist PartyCastlereagh East02-05-2019
Sharon SkillenDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Castlereagh East02-05-2019
Andrew GirvinTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVCastlereagh East02-05-2019
Ald David DrysdaleDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Castlereagh East02-05-2019
Ald Geraldine Rice MBEAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandCastlereagh South02-05-2019
John GallenSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Castlereagh South02-05-2019
Ben MallonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Castlereagh South02-05-2019
Brian HanveySDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Castlereagh South02-05-2019
Vasundhara KambleAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandCastlereagh South02-05-2019
Nathan AndersonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Castlereagh South02-05-2019
Ald Michael Henderson MBEUlster Unionist PartyCastlereagh South02-05-2019
James BairdUlster Unionist PartyDownshire East02-05-2019
Aaron McIntyreAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandDownshire East02-05-2019
Janet Gray MBEDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Downshire East02-05-2019
Uel MackinDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Downshire East02-05-2019
Luke PootsDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Downshire East02-05-2019
Ald Allan Ewart MBEDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Downshire West02-05-2019
Owen GawithAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandDownshire West02-05-2019
John PalmerUlster Unionist PartyDownshire West02-05-2019
Ald Jim Dillon MBE JPUlster Unionist PartyDownshire West02-05-2019
Hon. Nicholas TrimbleUlster Unionist PartyDownshire West02-05-2019
Ald William LeathemDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Killultagh02-05-2019
Thomas BeckettDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Killultagh02-05-2019
Alexander RedpathUlster Unionist PartyKillultagh02-05-2019
Patrick CatneySDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Killultagh02-05-2019
Ald James TinsleyDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Killultagh02-05-2019
Brian Bloomfield MBEUlster Unionist PartyLisburn North02-05-2019
Jonathan CraigDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn North02-05-2019
Margaret TolertonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn North02-05-2019
Scott CarsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn North02-05-2019
Ald Stephen MartinAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandLisburn North02-05-2019
Johnny McCarthySDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Lisburn North02-05-2019
Rhoda WalkerDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn South02-05-2019
Amanda GrehanAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandLisburn South02-05-2019
Alan GivanDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn South02-05-2019
Ald Paul PorterDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn South02-05-2019
Andrew EwingDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lisburn South02-05-2019
Tim MitchellUlster Unionist PartyLisburn South02-05-2019