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Mid and East Antrim 2019-20

Council SourceURL
Last Updated30-05-2019
Total Councillors40
Councillors:15 2 7 1 7 8 0

Mid and East Antrim Councillors
Concillor NamePartyWardNext May Election
James HenryIndependentBallymena04-05-2023
Matthew ArmstrongTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVBallymena04-05-2023
Audrey WalesDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Ballymena04-05-2023
John CarsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Ballymena04-05-2023
Eugene Martin Reid SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Ballymena04-05-2023
Patricia O'LynnAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandBallymena04-05-2023
Rodney QuigleyIndependentBallymena04-05-2023
Stewart McDonaldTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVBannside04-05-2023
William Robert McNeillyUlster Unionist PartyBannside04-05-2023
Tommy NichollDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Bannside04-05-2023
Ian FriarySinn FéinBannside04-05-2023
Timothy GastonTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVBannside04-05-2023
Thomas GordonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Bannside04-05-2023
William McCaugheyDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Braid04-05-2023
Brian CollinsTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVBraid04-05-2023
Beth AdgerDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Braid04-05-2023
Julie FrewDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Braid04-05-2023
Christopher JamiesonTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVBraid04-05-2023
Robin CherryUlster Unionist PartyBraid04-05-2023
Muriel BurnsideAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandBraid04-05-2023
Robin StewartUlster Unionist PartyCarrick Castle04-05-2023
Lauren GrayAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandCarrick Castle04-05-2023
Billy AsheDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Carrick Castle04-05-2023
Cheryl JohnstonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Carrick Castle04-05-2023
John McDermottUlster Unionist PartyCarrick Castle04-05-2023
Andrew ClarkeDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Coast Road04-05-2023
Maureen MorrowUlster Unionist PartyCoast Road04-05-2023
Angela SmythDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Coast Road04-05-2023
Geraldine MulvennaAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandCoast Road04-05-2023
James McKeownSinn FéinCoast Road04-05-2023
Marc CollinsDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Knockagh04-05-2023
Andrew WilsonUlster Unionist PartyKnockagh04-05-2023
Noel WilliamsAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandKnockagh04-05-2023
Peter JohnstonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Knockagh04-05-2023
Bobby HaddenIndependentKnockagh04-05-2023
Robert LoganAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandLarne Lough04-05-2023
Danny DonnellyAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandLarne Lough04-05-2023
Mark Richard McKintyUlster Unionist PartyLarne Lough04-05-2023
Paul ReidDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Larne Lough04-05-2023
Gregg McKeenDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Larne Lough04-05-2023