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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelAlternative Arrangements ?
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Councillors:30 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Daventry Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
David JamesConservative and Unionist PartyAbbey North07-05-2020
Aiden RamseyLabour PartyAbbey North05-05-2022
Ken RitchieLabour PartyAbbey North07-05-2020
Deanna EddonConservative and Unionist PartyAbbey South07-05-2020
Colin MorganConservative and Unionist PartyAbbey South05-05-2022
Mark WesleyConservative and Unionist PartyAbbey South07-05-2020
Ian RobertsonConservative and Unionist PartyBarby and Kilsby07-05-2020
Catherine LomaxLiberal DemocratsBarby and Kilsby07-05-2020
Jason PritchardLabour PartyBraunston and Welton07-05-2020
Nick BuntingConservative and Unionist PartyBrixworth07-05-2020
Kevin ParkerConservative and Unionist PartyBrixworth05-05-2022
Fabienne Fraser-AllenConservative and Unionist PartyBrixworth07-05-2020
Wendy RandallLabour PartyDrayton07-05-2020
Stephen DabbsLabour PartyDrayton05-05-2022
Amy HowardConservative and Unionist PartyDrayton07-05-2020
Wayne HowardConservative and Unionist PartyHill07-05-2020
Alan HillsConservative and Unionist PartyHill07-05-2020
Peter MattenConservative and Unionist PartyHill05-05-2022
Malcolm LongleyConservative and Unionist PartyLong Buckby07-05-2020
Chris MillarConservative and Unionist PartyLong Buckby07-05-2020
Steve OsborneConservative and Unionist PartyLong Buckby05-05-2022
Daniel CribbinConservative and Unionist PartyMoulton07-05-2020
Mike WarrenConservative and Unionist PartyMoulton05-05-2022
Richard MicklewrightConservative and Unionist PartyRavensthorpe07-05-2020
Sarah PeckConservative and Unionist PartySpratton05-05-2022
John ShephardConservative and Unionist PartySpratton07-05-2020
Lesley WoolnoughConservative and Unionist PartyWalgrave07-05-2020
Johnnie AmosConservative and Unionist PartyWeedon07-05-2020
Adam BrownConservative and Unionist PartyWeedon07-05-2020
David SmithConservative and Unionist PartyWeedon05-05-2022
Richard AugerConservative and Unionist PartyWelford07-05-2020
Cecile Irving-SwiftConservative and Unionist PartyWelford05-05-2022
Liz GriffinConservative and Unionist PartyWoodford07-05-2020
Rupert FrostConservative and Unionist PartyWoodford05-05-2022
Jo GilfordConservative and Unionist PartyWoodford07-05-2020
Alan ChantlerConservative and Unionist PartyYelvertoft05-05-2022