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Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000075
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlIND/LD/GRN


Councillors:12 0 8 1 0 0 0 18 0

Rochford Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Jim CrippsLiberal DemocratsDownhall and Rawreth2024
James NewportLiberal DemocratsDownhall and Rawreth2027
Christopher StanleyLiberal DemocratsDownhall and Rawreth2026
Daniel EfdeConservative and UnionistFoulness and The Wakerings2027
Gary MyersIndependent / OtherFoulness and The Wakerings2024
Jo McPhersonIndependent / OtherFoulness and The Wakerings2026
L A ButcherConservative and UnionistHawkwell East2024
Deborah Squires-ColemanRochford District ResidentsHawkwell East2026
Elliot MasonRochford District ResidentsHawkwell East2027
Julie GoodingIndependent / OtherHawkwell West2026
CM MasonRochford District ResidentsHawkwell West2024
Nick BoothRochford District ResidentsHawkwell West2027
Eileen GadsdonConservative and UnionistHockley2024
Adrian EvesRochford District ResidentsHockley2027
John MasonRochford District ResidentsHockley2026
Mike CarterConservative and UnionistHockley and Ashingdon2027
Danielle BeltonConservative and UnionistHockley and Ashingdon2026
R P ConstableConservative and UnionistHockley and Ashingdon2024
Tracey KnightIndependent / OtherHullbridge2027
M HoyIndependent / OtherHullbridge2024
SA WilsonGreen PartyHullbridge2026
R MilneIndependent / OtherLodge2024
R LambourneIndependent / OtherLodge2026
Ian WardConservative and UnionistLodge2027
Simon WoottonConservative and UnionistRoche North and Rural2027
Ian FosterConservative and UnionistRoche North and Rural2024
Laureen ShawConservative and UnionistRoche North and Rural2026
James GoodingIndependent / OtherRoche South2024
Mike SteptoeConservative and UnionistRoche South2026
Arthur WilliamsIndependent / OtherRoche South2027
Elizabeth BrewerLiberal DemocratsSweyne Park and Grange2027
L J NewportIndependent / OtherSweyne Park and Grange2024
V WilsonRochford District ResidentsSweyne Park and Grange2026
David SharpLiberal DemocratsTrinity2026
Sarah PageLiberal DemocratsTrinity2027
DJ SperringConservative and UnionistTrinity2024
Jack LawmonIndependent / OtherWheatley2024
Andrew CrossLiberal DemocratsWheatley2026
Richard LindenLiberal DemocratsWheatley2027

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