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Richmond upon Thames

Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000027
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD



Richmond upon Thames Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Fiona SacksLiberal DemocratsBarnes2026
Andy HaleLiberal DemocratsBarnes2026
Marjory MillumLiberal DemocratsBarnes2026
Zoe McLeodLiberal DemocratsEast Sheen2026
Julia CambridgeLiberal DemocratsEast Sheen2026
Margaret DaneLiberal DemocratsEast Sheen2026
Caroline WrenGreen PartyFulwell & Hampton Hill2026
Jonathan CardyLiberal DemocratsFulwell & Hampton Hill2026
Matthew HullLiberal DemocratsFulwell & Hampton Hill2026
Andrée FriezeGreen PartyHam, Petersham & Richmond Riverside2026
Penelope FrostLiberal DemocratsHam, Petersham & Richmond Riverside2026
Gareth RichardsLiberal DemocratsHam, Petersham & Richmond Riverside2026
Suzette NicholsonLiberal DemocratsHampton2026
Sam DaltonLiberal DemocratsHampton2026
Gareth RobertsLiberal DemocratsHampton2026
Jeremy DavisLiberal DemocratsHampton North2026
Carey BishopLiberal DemocratsHampton North2026
Elizabeth GantLiberal DemocratsHampton North2026
Robin BrownLiberal DemocratsHampton Wick & South Teddington2026
Petra FlemingLiberal DemocratsHampton Wick & South Teddington2026
Jim MillardLiberal DemocratsHampton Wick & South Teddington2026
Michael WilsonLiberal DemocratsHeathfield2026
John CoombsLiberal DemocratsHeathfield2026
Lesley PollescheLiberal DemocratsHeathfield2026
Clare VollumLiberal DemocratsKew2026
Alice Bridges-WestcottLiberal DemocratsKew2026
Ian CraigieLiberal DemocratsKew2026
Niki CrookdakeGreen PartyMortlake & Barnes Common2026
Anton McNulty-HowardLiberal DemocratsMortlake & Barnes Common2026
Tony PatersonLiberal DemocratsMortlake & Barnes Common2026
Richard PyneLiberal DemocratsNorth Richmond2026
Richard WarrenLiberal DemocratsNorth Richmond2026
Nancy BaldwinLiberal DemocratsNorth Richmond2026
Paulina VassilevaLiberal DemocratsSouth Richmond2026
Chas WarlowGreen PartySouth Richmond2026
Chris VarleyLiberal DemocratsSouth Richmond2026
Michael ButlinLiberal DemocratsSouth Twickenham2026
Rhi LeeLiberal DemocratsSouth Twickenham2026
Richard BennettGreen PartySouth Twickenham2026
Alexander EhmannLiberal DemocratsSt Margarets & North Twickenham2026
Katie MansfieldLiberal DemocratsSt Margarets & North Twickenham2026
Ben KhosaLiberal DemocratsSt Margarets & North Twickenham2026
Phil GieslerLiberal DemocratsTeddington2026
Charlie EngelLiberal DemocratsTeddington2026
Richard BakerLiberal DemocratsTeddington2026
James ChardLiberal DemocratsTwickenham Riverside2026
Stephen O'SheaLiberal DemocratsTwickenham Riverside2026
Julia Neden-WattsLiberal DemocratsTwickenham Riverside2026
Laura O'BrienLiberal DemocratsWest Twickenham2026
Alan JurianszLiberal DemocratsWest Twickenham2026
Piers AllenLiberal DemocratsWest Twickenham2026
Rob O'CarrollLiberal DemocratsWhitton2026
Kuldev SehraLiberal DemocratsWhitton2026
Jo HumphreysLiberal DemocratsWhitton2026

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