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East Riding of Yorkshire

Council TypeUnitary
Election ModelALL ?
Council SourceURL
Last Updated24-05-2020
Current MajorityCON
Current ControlCON


Councillors:47 0 9 0 0 0 0 10 1

East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Pauline GreenwoodConservative and UnionistBeverley Rural04-05-2023
Kevin BeaumontConservative and UnionistBeverley Rural04-05-2023
Bernard GateshillConservative and UnionistBeverley Rural04-05-2023
Richard BurtonConservative and UnionistBridlington Central and Old Town04-05-2023
Liam DealtryIndependent / OtherBridlington Central and Old Town04-05-2023
Mike Heslop-MullensLiberal DemocratsBridlington North04-05-2023
Chad ChadwickConservative and UnionistBridlington North04-05-2023
Chris MatthewsConservative and UnionistBridlington North04-05-2023
Andy WalkerThe Yorkshire PartyBridlington South04-05-2023
Tim NormanThe Yorkshire PartyBridlington South04-05-2023
John CopseyConservative and UnionistBridlington South04-05-2023
Geraldine MathiesonIndependent / OtherCottingham North04-05-2023
Ros JumpIndependent / OtherCottingham North04-05-2023
Helen GreenConservative and UnionistCottingham South04-05-2023
Mike MediniConservative and UnionistCottingham South04-05-2023
Terry GillIndependent / OtherDale04-05-2023
Pat SmithConservative and UnionistDale04-05-2023
Richard MeredithConservative and UnionistDale04-05-2023
Michael LeeConservative and UnionistDriffield and Rural04-05-2023
Matt RogersConservative and UnionistDriffield and Rural04-05-2023
Felicity TempleConservative and UnionistDriffield and Rural04-05-2023
Paul LisseterConservative and UnionistEast Wolds and Coastal04-05-2023
Jane EvisonConservative and UnionistEast Wolds and Coastal04-05-2023
Jonathan OwenConservative and UnionistEast Wolds and Coastal04-05-2023
Nick CoultishConservative and UnionistGoole North04-05-2023
Anne HandleyConservative and UnionistGoole North04-05-2023
David JeffreysIndependent / OtherGoole South04-05-2023
Barbara JeffreysIndependent / OtherGoole South04-05-2023
David NolanLiberal DemocratsHessle04-05-2023
John BovillLiberal DemocratsHessle04-05-2023
Philip DavisonLiberal DemocratsHessle04-05-2023
Charlie BayramConservative and UnionistHowden04-05-2023
Linda BayramConservative and UnionistHowdenshire04-05-2023
Victoria AitkenConservative and UnionistHowdenshire04-05-2023
Nigel WilkinsonConservative and UnionistHowdenshire04-05-2023
Brian SkowConservative and UnionistMid Holderness04-05-2023
Jacob BirchConservative and UnionistMid Holderness04-05-2023
John HoltbyConservative and UnionistMid Holderness04-05-2023
Paul NickersonConservative and UnionistMinster and Woodmansey04-05-2023
Kerri HaroldConservative and UnionistMinster and Woodmansey04-05-2023
David ElvidgeConservative and UnionistMinster and Woodmansey04-05-2023
Barbara JP JeffersonIndependent / OtherNorth Holderness04-05-2023
John WhittleIndependent / OtherNorth Holderness04-05-2023
David SykesConservative and UnionistPocklington Provincial04-05-2023
Paul WestConservative and UnionistPocklington Provincial04-05-2023
Kay WestConservative and UnionistPocklington Provincial04-05-2023
Liz SargeantsonConservative and UnionistSnaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland04-05-2023
Caroline FoxConservative and UnionistSnaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland04-05-2023
Paul WhiteheadConservative and UnionistSouth East Holderness04-05-2023
Lyn HealingConservative and UnionistSouth East Holderness04-05-2023
David TuckerConservative and UnionistSouth East Holderness04-05-2023
Julie AbrahamConservative and UnionistSouth Hunsley04-05-2023
Vanessa WalkerConservative and UnionistSouth Hunsley04-05-2023
Sue SteelConservative and UnionistSouth West Holderness04-05-2023
John DennisConservative and UnionistSouth West Holderness04-05-2023
VacancyVacantSouth West Holderness04-05-2023
David BoyntonLiberal DemocratsSt Marys04-05-2023
Denis HealyLiberal DemocratsSt Marys04-05-2023
Linda JohnsonLiberal DemocratsSt Marys04-05-2023
Viv PaddenLiberal DemocratsTranby04-05-2023
Margot SuttonLiberal DemocratsTranby04-05-2023
Gary McMasterConservative and UnionistWillerby and Kirk Ella04-05-2023
Ben WeeksConservative and UnionistWillerby and Kirk Ella04-05-2023
Shaun HortonConservative and UnionistWillerby and Kirk Ella04-05-2023
Leo HammondConservative and UnionistWolds Weighton04-05-2023
David RuddConservative and UnionistWolds Weighton04-05-2023
Mike StathersConservative and UnionistWolds Weighton04-05-2023