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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB
Current ControlLAB


Councillors:0 38 8 0 1 0 0 1 0

Chesterfield Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Barry BinghamLiberal DemocratsBarrow Hill and New Whittington02-05-2019
Richard BextonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Barrow Hill and New Whittington02-05-2019
Lisa-Marie DerbyshireLabour PartyBarrow Hill and New Whittington02-05-2019
Terry GilbyLabour PartyBrimington North02-05-2019
John BurrowsLabour PartyBrimington North02-05-2019
Andy BellamyLabour PartyBrimington South02-05-2019
Tricia GilbyLabour PartyBrimington South02-05-2019
Ian CallanLabour PartyBrimington South02-05-2019
Steve BruntLabour PartyBrockwell02-05-2019
John DickinsonLabour PartyBrockwell02-05-2019
Maureen DavenportLiberal DemocratsBrockwell02-05-2019
Mark RaynerLabour PartyDunston02-05-2019
Sarah HollingworthLabour PartyDunston02-05-2019
Gordon SimmonsLabour PartyDunston02-05-2019
Mick BradyLabour PartyHasland02-05-2019
Amanda SerjeantLabour PartyHasland02-05-2019
Andy SlackLabour PartyHasland02-05-2019
Helen ElliottLabour PartyHollingwood and Inkersall02-05-2019
Anthony HillLabour PartyHollingwood and Inkersall02-05-2019
Barry DykeLabour PartyHollingwood and Inkersall02-05-2019
Stephen HitchinLabour PartyHolmebrook02-05-2019
Suzie PerkinsLabour PartyHolmebrook02-05-2019
Peter BarrLiberal DemocratsLinacre02-05-2019
Jeannie BarrIndependent / OtherLinacre02-05-2019
Mick WallLabour PartyLoundsley Green02-05-2019
Avis MurphyLabour PartyLoundsley Green02-05-2019
Dean CollinsLabour PartyLowgates and Woodthorpe02-05-2019
Lisa CollinsLabour PartyLowgates and Woodthorpe02-05-2019
Donald ParsonsLabour PartyMiddlecroft and Poolsbrook02-05-2019
Chris LudlowLabour PartyMiddlecroft and Poolsbrook02-05-2019
Kate CaulfieldLabour PartyMoor02-05-2019
Keith BrownLabour PartyMoor02-05-2019
Jean InnesLabour PartyOld Whittington02-05-2019
Peter InnesLabour PartyOld Whittington02-05-2019
Keith MilesLabour PartyRother02-05-2019
Stuart BrittainLabour PartyRother02-05-2019
Jenny FloodLabour PartyRother02-05-2019
Tom MurphyLabour PartySt. Helen's02-05-2019
Helen BagleyLabour PartySt. Helen's02-05-2019
Sharon BlankLabour PartySt. Leonard's02-05-2019
Kate SarventLabour PartySt. Leonard's02-05-2019
Ken HuckleLabour PartySt. Leonard's02-05-2019
Alexis DioufLiberal DemocratsWalton02-05-2019
Nicholas RedihoughLiberal DemocratsWalton02-05-2019
Vickey-Anne DioufLiberal DemocratsWalton02-05-2019
Shirley NiblockLiberal DemocratsWest02-05-2019
Ray CattLabour PartyWest02-05-2019
Howard BorrellLiberal DemocratsWest02-05-2019