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All 24 Councillors for The People's Independent Party (Latest)

NameCouncilWardEnd of Term
Diana JonesCastle PointAppleton04-05-2028
Lorraine LarmanCastle PointAppleton06-05-2027
Lynsey McCarthy-CalvertCastle PointAppleton07-05-2026
Aimme HarbinsonCastle PointHadleigh St James04-05-2028
Duncan MacphersonCastle PointHadleigh St James07-05-2026
Kate KnottCastle PointHadleigh St James06-05-2027
Dean SilkCastle PointSt George's07-05-2026
Nanine PachyCastle PointSt George's06-05-2027
Nicola BensonCastle PointSt George's04-05-2028
Rob LillisCastle PointSt Mary's07-05-2026
Russell SavageCastle PointSt Mary's04-05-2028
Sharon AinsleyCastle PointSt Mary's06-05-2027
John KnottCastle PointSt Michael's07-05-2026
Timothy CopseyCastle PointSt Michael's04-05-2028
Warren GibsonCastle PointSt Michael's06-05-2027
Benn WimbledonCastle PointTarpots07-05-2026
Kieron BowkerCastle PointTarpots04-05-2028
Michael DearsonCastle PointTarpots06-05-2027
Gareth HowlettCastle PointThundersley North06-05-2027
Stephen MountfordCastle PointThundersley North07-05-2026
Tom GibsonCastle PointThundersley North04-05-2028
Allan EdwardsCastle PointThundersley South07-05-2026
Laurie DixonCastle PointThundersley South06-05-2027
Matthew CortesCastle PointThundersley South04-05-2028

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