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Mid Sussex

Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000228
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLD/IND



Mid Sussex Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Andrew MacNaughtonConservative and UnionistArdingly and Balcombe2019
Gary MarshConservative and UnionistArdingly and Balcombe2019
John BelseyConservative and UnionistAshurst Wood2019
Andrew Barrett-MilesConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Dunstall2019
Jacqui LandrianiConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Dunstall2019
Chris KingConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Franklands2019
Ginny HeardConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Franklands2019
Cherry CatharineConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Leylands2019
Pru MooreConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Leylands2019
Richard CherryConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Meeds2019
Anne Jones MBEConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Meeds2019
Colin HoldenConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill St Andrews2019
Kirsty PageConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill St Andrews2019
Steven HansfordConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Victoria2019
Mandy Thomas-AtkinConservative and UnionistBurgess Hill Victoria2019
Edward MatthewsConservative and UnionistCopthorne and Worth2019
Tony DoreyConservative and UnionistCopthorne and Worth2019
Bruce ForbesConservative and UnionistCrawley Down and Turners Hill2019
Phillip CooteConservative and UnionistCrawley Down and Turners Hill2019
Neville WalkerConservative and UnionistCrawley Down and Turners Hill2019
Pete BradburyConservative and UnionistCuckfield2019
Robert SalisburyConservative and UnionistCuckfield2019
Liz BennettConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Ashplats2019
Peter ReedConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Ashplats2019
Norman WebsterConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Baldwins2019
Margaret BelseyConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Baldwins2019
Edward BelseyConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Herontye2019
Dick SweatmanConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Herontye2019
Bob MainstoneConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Imberhorne2019
Heidi BrunsdonConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Imberhorne2019
Norman MockfordConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Town2019
Peter WyanConservative and UnionistEast Grinstead Town2019
Peter MartinConservative and UnionistHassocks2019
Gordon MarplesConservative and UnionistHassocks2019
Kevin BurkeConservative and UnionistHassocks2019
Howard MundinConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Ashenground2019
Anne BoutrupConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Ashenground2019
David DorkingConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Bentswood2019
Ruth de MierreConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Bentswood2019
Rod ClarkeConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Franklands2019
Garry WallConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Franklands2019
Jonathan Ash-EdwardsConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Heath2019
Sandy EllisConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Heath2019
Jim KnightConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Lucastes2019
Geoff RawlinsonConservative and UnionistHaywards Heath Lucastes2019
Linda StockwellConservative and UnionistHigh Weald2019
Christopher HerseyConservative and UnionistHigh Weald2019
John WilkinsonConservative and UnionistHurstpierpoint and Downs2019
Colin TrumbleConservative and UnionistHurstpierpoint and Downs2019
Anthony Watts WilliamsConservative and UnionistHurstpierpoint and Downs2019
Andrew LeaConservative and UnionistLindfield2019
Anthea LeaConservative and UnionistLindfield2019
Margaret HerseyConservative and UnionistLindfield2019

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