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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLAB/IND


Councillors:16 13 0 2 1 0 0 14 0

Scarborough Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
G Andrew BackhouseConservative and UnionistBurniston & Cloughton04-05-2023
Mrs Janet JeffersonIndependent / OtherCastle04-05-2023
Carl David MawLabour PartyCastle04-05-2023
Alex BaileyLabour PartyCastle04-05-2023
Ms Roberta Florence SwiersConservative and UnionistCayton04-05-2023
Simon GreenConservative and UnionistCayton04-05-2023
Clive PearsonConservative and UnionistDanby & Mulgrave04-05-2023
Marion WatsonConservative and UnionistDanby & Mulgrave04-05-2023
David C JeffelsConservative and UnionistDerwent Valley & Moor04-05-2023
Mrs Heather PhillipsConservative and UnionistDerwent Valley & Moor04-05-2023
Theresa NortonLabour PartyEastfield04-05-2023
Tony RandersonLabour PartyEastfield04-05-2023
Joanne MawLabour PartyEastfield04-05-2023
Guy CoulsonConservative and UnionistEsk Valley04-05-2023
Phillip Henry TrumperConservative and UnionistEsk Valley04-05-2023
Neil RobinsonGreen PartyFalsgrave & Stepney04-05-2023
Liz CollingLabour PartyFalsgrave & Stepney04-05-2023
Will ForbesGreen PartyFalsgrave & Stepney04-05-2023
Sam CrossIndependent / OtherFiley04-05-2023
John CaseyIndependent / OtherFiley04-05-2023
Mike CockerillIndependent / OtherFiley04-05-2023
Mrs Jane E MortimerConservative and UnionistFlyingdales & Ravenscar04-05-2023
Paul RileyIndependent / OtherHunmansby04-05-2023
Michelle Donohue-MoncrieffIndependent / OtherHunmansby04-05-2023
David ChanceConservative and UnionistMayfield04-05-2023
Glenn GoodberryConservative and UnionistMayfield04-05-2023
Neil HeritageUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newby04-05-2023
Eileen MurphyIndependent / OtherNewby04-05-2023
Subash SharmaLabour PartyNewby04-05-2023
Eric BroadbentLabour PartyNorthstead04-05-2023
Guy SmithIndependent / OtherNorthstead04-05-2023
John AtkinsonIndependent / OtherNorthstead04-05-2023
Mrs Hazel E LynskeyConservative and UnionistScalby04-05-2023
Derek J BastimanConservative and UnionistScalby04-05-2023
Roxanne MurphyIndependent / OtherSeamer04-05-2023
Mrs Helen F MalloryConservative and UnionistSeamer04-05-2023
Stewart CampbellLabour PartyStreonshalh04-05-2023
Michael StonehouseLabour PartyStreonshalh04-05-2023
Steve SiddonsLabour PartyWeaponess & Ramshill04-05-2023
Jim GrieveIndependent / OtherWeaponess & Ramshill04-05-2023
Rich MawLabour PartyWeaponess & Ramshill04-05-2023
Sue TuckerLabour PartyWhitby West Cliff04-05-2023
Alf AbbottConservative and UnionistWhitby West Cliff04-05-2023
William ChattIndependent / OtherWoodlands04-05-2023
Phil KershawIndependent / OtherWoodlands04-05-2023
Peter PoppleIndependent / OtherWoodlands04-05-2023