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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Last Updated25-06-2020
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlIND/LD


Councillors:19 0 7 0 0 0 0 21 1

Elmbridge Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Alex CoomesLiberal DemocratsClaygate04-05-2023
Mike RollingsLiberal DemocratsClaygate05-05-2022
Mary MarshallLiberal DemocratsClaygate07-05-2020
VacancyVacantCobham and Downside07-05-2020
James BrowneConservative and UnionistCobham and Downside05-05-2022
Dorothy MitchellConservative and UnionistCobham and Downside04-05-2023
David J. ArcherConservative and UnionistEsher07-05-2020
Simon J. WaughConservative and UnionistEsher05-05-2022
Richard WilliamsEsher Residents AssociationEsher04-05-2023
Roy GreenHersham Village SocietyHersham Village07-05-2020
Ruth MitchellConservative and UnionistHersham Village05-05-2022
Mary SheldonConservative and UnionistHersham Village04-05-2023
Nigel Haig-BrownHinchley Wood Residents AssociationHinchley Wood and Weston Green05-05-2022
Tannia ShipleyThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationHinchley Wood and Weston Green07-05-2020
Janet TurnerHinchley Wood Residents AssociationHinchley Wood and Weston Green04-05-2023
Barry FairbankLiberal DemocratsLong Ditton05-05-2022
Neil HoustonLiberal DemocratsLong Ditton04-05-2023
Shewta KapadiaLiberal DemocratsLong Ditton07-05-2020
Steve BaxConservative and UnionistMolesey East05-05-2022
Lesley YaunerThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey East04-05-2023
Stuart J. SelleckThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey East07-05-2020
Ruby R. AhmedThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey West05-05-2022
Mike AxtonThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey West07-05-2020
Tony PophamThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey West04-05-2023
Hilary ButlerConservative and UnionistOatlands and Burwood Park04-05-2023
Barry J.F. CheyneConservative and UnionistOatlands and Burwood Park05-05-2022
Glenn P. DearloveConservative and UnionistOatlands and Burwood Park07-05-2020
David LewisConservative and UnionistOxshott and Stoke D'Abernon04-05-2023
Oliver T. ChappellIndependent / OtherOxshott and Stoke D'Abernon07-05-2020
Andrew BurleyConservative and UnionistOxshott and Stoke D'Abernon05-05-2022
Tricia Welch BlandThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationThames Ditton07-05-2020
Caroline K. JamesThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationThames Ditton05-05-2022
Joanna RandolphThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationThames Ditton04-05-2023
Graham WoolgarThe Walton SocietyWalton Central04-05-2023
Chris SadlerThe Walton SocietyWalton Central07-05-2020
Christine J. RichardsonConservative and UnionistWalton Central05-05-2022
Andrew KellyConservative and UnionistWalton North07-05-2020
Alan H. KopitkoConservative and UnionistWalton North05-05-2022
Rachael LakeConservative and UnionistWalton North04-05-2023
Chris CrossConservative and UnionistWalton South04-05-2023
Christine ElmerLiberal DemocratsWalton South07-05-2020
Malcolm F. HowardConservative and UnionistWalton South05-05-2022
Andrew DaviesIndependent / OtherWeybridge Riverside07-05-2020
Ashley TillingIndependent / OtherWeybridge Riverside04-05-2023
Vicki MacLeodIndependent / OtherWeybridge Riverside05-05-2022
Tom CattonWeybridge & St. George's IndependentsWeybridge St George's Hill04-05-2023
Charu SoodConservative and UnionistWeybridge St George's Hill05-05-2022
Peter M. HarmanWeybridge & St. George's IndependentsWeybridge St George's Hill07-05-2020