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Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000207
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLD/IND


Councillors:12 0 20 0 0 0 0 16 0

Elmbridge Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Alex CoomesLiberal DemocratsClaygate2027
Mike RollingsLiberal DemocratsClaygate2026
Bruce McDonaldLiberal DemocratsClaygate2024
Alistair MannConservative and UnionistCobham and Downside2024
Laurence WellsLiberal DemocratsCobham and Downside2026
Robin StephensLiberal DemocratsCobham and Downside2027
David YoungEsher Residents AssociationEsher2024
Simon WaughEsher Residents AssociationEsher2026
Richard WilliamsEsher Residents AssociationEsher2027
Paul WoodConservative and UnionistHersham Village2024
Chester ChandlerLiberal DemocratsHersham Village2026
Paul HughesLiberal DemocratsHersham Village2027
James CrawshawHinchley Wood Residents AssociationHinchley Wood and Weston Green2026
Gill CoatesThe Best For Luton PartyHinchley Wood and Weston Green2024
Janet TurnerHinchley Wood Residents AssociationHinchley Wood and Weston Green2027
Liz LainoLiberal DemocratsLong Ditton2026
Neil HoustonLiberal DemocratsLong Ditton2027
Jez LanghamLiberal DemocratsLong Ditton2024
Steve BaxConservative and UnionistMolesey East2026
Richard FlatauLiberal DemocratsMolesey East2027
Kevin WhincupLiberal DemocratsMolesey East2024
Ruby AhmedThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey West2026
Mike AxtonThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey West2024
Tony PophamThe Molesey Residents AssociationMolesey West2027
Hilary ButlerConservative and UnionistOatlands and Burwood Park2027
Harrison Allman-VartyConservative and UnionistOatlands and Burwood Park2026
Ananya BanerjeeConservative and UnionistOatlands and Burwood Park2024
Corinne SterryConservative and UnionistOxshott and Stoke D'Abernon2027
Alan ParkerConservative and UnionistOxshott and Stoke D'Abernon2024
Andrew BurleyConservative and UnionistOxshott and Stoke D'Abernon2026
Alex BatchelorThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationThames Ditton2024
Caroline JamesThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationThames Ditton2026
Elaine SesemannThames Ditton / Weston Green Residents' AssociationThames Ditton2027
Gregor MacgregorLiberal DemocratsWalton Central2027
Chris SadlerThe Walton SocietyWalton Central2024
Barry CheyneThe Walton SocietyWalton Central2026
Lewis BrownConservative and UnionistWalton North2024
Nick DoddsLiberal DemocratsWalton North2026
Clare BaileyLiberal DemocratsWalton North2027
Catherine GlassLiberal DemocratsWalton South2027
John CopeConservative and UnionistWalton South2024
Kirsty HewensLiberal DemocratsWalton South2026
Ashley TillingLiberal DemocratsWeybridge Riverside2027
Judy SarsbyLiberal DemocratsWeybridge Riverside2024
Helgi JoensenLiberal DemocratsWeybridge Riverside2026
Pippa GraemeWeybridge & St. George's IndependentsWeybridge St George's Hill2027
Charu SoodConservative and UnionistWeybridge St George's Hill2026
Peter HarmanWeybridge & St. George's IndependentsWeybridge St George's Hill2024

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