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Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000005
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB



Brent Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Hannah MatinLiberal DemocratsAlperton2026
Anton GeorgiouLiberal DemocratsAlperton2026
Bhagwanji ChohanLabour PartyAlperton2026
Kathleen FraserLabour PartyBarnhill2026
Robert JohnsonLabour PartyBarnhill2026
Erica GbajumoLabour PartyBrondesbury Park2026
Ryan HackLabour PartyBrondesbury Park2026
Tariq DarLabour PartyCricklewood & Mapesbury2026
Gwen GrahlLabour PartyCricklewood & Mapesbury2026
Liz DixonLabour PartyDollis Hill2026
Arshad MahmoodLabour PartyDollis Hill2026
Parvez AhmedLabour PartyDollis Hill2026
Matt KelcherLabour PartyHarlesden & Kensal Green2026
Mili PatelLabour PartyHarlesden & Kensal Green2026
Jumbo ChanLabour PartyHarlesden & Kensal Green2026
Sunita HiraniConservative and UnionistKenton2026
Suresh KansagraConservative and UnionistKenton2026
Michael MauriceConservative and UnionistKenton2026
Anthony MolloyLabour PartyKilburn2026
Rita BegumLabour PartyKilburn2026
Rita ConneelyLabour PartyKilburn2026
Saqib ButtLabour PartyKingsbury2026
Shama TatlerLabour PartyKingsbury2026
Narinder BajwaLabour PartyNorthwick Park2026
Diana CollymoreLabour PartyNorthwick Park2026
Daniel KennellyLabour PartyPreston2026
Orleen HyltonLabour PartyPreston2026
Neil NervaLabour PartyQueens Park2026
Lesley SmithLabour PartyQueens Park2026
Stephen CrabbLabour PartyQueens Park2026
Kanta MistryConservative and UnionistQueensbury2026
Jayanti PatelConservative and UnionistQueensbury2026
Sandra KabirLabour PartyQueensbury2026
Elliot ChappellLabour PartyRoundwood2026
Fleur Donnelly-JacksonLabour PartyRoundwood2026
Jake RubinLabour PartyRoundwood2026
Tony EthapemiLabour PartyStonebridge2026
Abdi AdenLabour PartyStonebridge2026
Promise KnightLabour PartyStonebridge2026
Paul LorberLiberal DemocratsSudbury2026
Teo BeneaLabour PartySudbury2026
Muhammed ButtLabour PartyTokyngton2026
Krupa ShethLabour PartyTokyngton2026
Mary MitchellLabour PartyWelsh Harp2026
Amer AghaLabour PartyWelsh Harp2026
Harbi FarahLabour PartyWelsh Harp2026
Ketan ShethLabour PartyWembley Central2026
Sonia ShahLabour PartyWembley Central2026
Rajan-SeelanLabour PartyWembley Central2026
Ishma MoeenLabour PartyWembley Hill2026
Ihtesham AfzalLabour PartyWembley Hill2026
Ajmal AkramLabour PartyWembley Hill2026
Iman Ahmadi MoghaddamLabour PartyWembley Park2026
Tazi SmithLabour PartyWembley Park2026
Tom MillerLabour PartyWillesden Green2026
Janice LongLabour PartyWillesden Green2026
Saqlain ChoudryLabour PartyWillesden Green2026

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