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City of London

Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000001
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelCommittee System ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityIND



City of London Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Steve GoodmanLabour PartyAldersgate2025
Naresh SonparIndependent / OtherAldersgate2025
Randall Anderson, DeputyIndependent / OtherAldersgate2025
Deborah OliverIndependent / OtherAldersgate2025
Christopher Makin (Alderman)Independent / OtherAldersgate2025
Helen FentimenLabour PartyAldersgate2025
Anett RidegIndependent / OtherAldersgate2025
David SalesIndependent / OtherAldgate2025
Timothy McNallyIndependent / OtherAldgate2025
Mandeep ThandiIndependent / OtherAldgate2025
Andrien Meyers, DeputyIndependent / OtherAldgate2025
Shailendra UmradiaIndependent / OtherAldgate2025
Sheriff Susan Langley (Alderwoman)Independent / OtherAldgate2025
Timothy Hailes (Alderman)Independent / OtherBassishaw2025
Ian Bishop-LaggettIndependent / OtherBassishaw2025
Madush Gupta, DeputyIndependent / OtherBassishaw2025
Luis Felipe TilleriaIndependent / OtherBillingsgate2025
Sheriff Bronek Masojada (Alderman)Independent / OtherBillingsgate2025
Nighat Qureishi, DeputyIndependent / OtherBillingsgate2025
Kawsar Zaman (Alderman)Independent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Wendy HydeIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Benjamin MurphyIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Shravan Joshi, DeputyIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Tom SleighIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Simon Duckworth, DeputyIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Andrew MayerIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2025
Dr Giles Shilson, DeputyIndependent / OtherBread Street2025
The Honourable Emily Wedgwood BennIndependent / OtherBread Street2025
Sir William Russell (Alderman)Independent / OtherBread Street2025
Hugh SelkaIndependent / OtherBridge and Bridge Without2025
Keith Bottomley, DeputyIndependent / OtherBridge and Bridge Without2025
Tim Levene (Alderman)Independent / OtherBridge and Bridge Without2025
Christopher Hayward, DeputyIndependent / OtherBroad Street2025
The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor Michael Mainelli (Alderman)Independent / OtherBroad Street2025
Shahnan BakthIndependent / OtherBroad Street2025
Antony ManchesterIndependent / OtherBroad Street2025
James St John DaviesIndependent / OtherCandlewick2025
Christopher Boden, DeputyIndependent / OtherCandlewick2025
Professor Emma Edhem (Alderman)Independent / OtherCandlewick2025
Catherine McGuinnessCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
Alpa RajaCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
John GriffithsCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
Graham Packham, DeputyCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
Mary DurcanCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
Glen WitneyCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
Michael HudsonIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2025
Henrika PriestCastle Baynard Independents PartyCastle Baynard2025
Martha Grekos (Alderwoman)Independent / OtherCastle Baynard2025
Alastair Moss, DeputyIndependent / OtherCheap2025
Tijs BroekeIndependent / OtherCheap2025
Robert Hughes-Penney (Alderman)Independent / OtherCheap2025
Nicholas Bensted-SmithIndependent / OtherCheap2025
Dawn WrightIndependent / OtherColeman Street2025
Sophie FernandesIndependent / OtherColeman Street2025
Michael John Cassidy, DeputyIndependent / OtherColeman Street2025
Andrew McMurtrieIndependent / OtherColeman Street2025
Sir Peter Estlin (Alderman)Independent / OtherColeman Street2025
Amy HorscroftIndependent / OtherCordwainer2025
Jamel BandaIndependent / OtherCordwainer2025
Sir Michael Snyder, DeputyIndependent / OtherCordwainer2025
Alexander Barr (Alderman)Independent / OtherCordwainer2025
Joanna AbeyieIndependent / OtherCornhill2025
Ian SeatonIndependent / OtherCornhill2025
Peter Dunphy, DeputyIndependent / OtherCornhill2025
Robert Howard (Alderman)Independent / OtherCornhill2025
Dawn Frampton, DeputyIndependent / OtherCripplegate2025
Natasha Lloyd-OwenLabour PartyCripplegate2025
Jacqui Webster, DeputyIndependent / OtherCripplegate2025
Elizabeth KingIndependent / OtherCripplegate2025
Susan Pearson (Alderwoman)Independent / OtherCripplegate2025
Anne CorbettLabour PartyCripplegate2025
Ceri WilkinsIndependent / OtherCripplegate2025
Frances LeachLabour PartyCripplegate2025
Paul SinghIndependent / OtherCripplegate2025
Alison Gowman (Alderwoman)Independent / OtherDowgate2025
Henry Pollard, DeputyIndependent / OtherDowgate2025
Mark WheatleyIndependent / OtherDowgate2025
Florence Keelson-AnfuIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Graeme Doshi-Smith, DeputyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Ann Holmes, DeputyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Brendan BarnsIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Eamonn MullallyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
John EdwardsIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Vincent Keaveny (Alderman)Independent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Matthew BellIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
John FoleyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2025
Gregory LawrenceTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Wendy MeadTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
John Absolom, DeputyTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Oliver SellsTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Edward Lord, DeputyTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Susanne OrnsbyTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Gregory Jones (Alderman)Temple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
William UptonTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Paul MartinelliTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
George AbrahamsTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Ruby SayedTemple and Farringdon TogetherFarringdon Without2025
Timothy ButcherIndependent / OtherLangbourn2025
Philip Woodhouse, DeputyIndependent / OtherLangbourn2025
Judith PleasanceIndependent / OtherLangbourn2025
Simon Pryke (Alderman)Independent / OtherLangbourn2025
Dominic ChristianIndependent / OtherLime Street2025
Irem YerdelenIndependent / OtherLime Street2025
Henry Colthurst, DeputyIndependent / OtherLime Street2025
Sir Charles Bowman (Alderman)Independent / OtherLime Street2025
Anthony FitzpatrickIndependent / OtherLime Street2025
John Fletcher, DeputyIndependent / OtherPortsoken2025
Jason PritchardIndependent / OtherPortsoken2025
Prem Goyal (Alderman)Independent / OtherPortsoken2025
Munsur AliIndependent / OtherPortsoken2025
Henry JonesIndependent / OtherPortsoken2025
Brian Mooney, DeputyIndependent / OtherQueenhithe2025
Caroline HainesIndependent / OtherQueenhithe2025
Alastair King (Alderman)Independent / OtherQueenhithe2025
Marianne Fredericks, DeputyIndependent / OtherTower2025
James TumbridgeIndependent / OtherTower2025
Jason GrovesIndependent / OtherTower2025
Aaron D'SouzaIndependent / OtherTower2025
Nicholas Lyons (Alderman)Independent / OtherTower2025
Jaspreet HodgsonIndependent / OtherVintry2025
Sir Andrew Parmley (Alderman)Independent / OtherVintry2025
Rehana Ameer, DeputyIndependent / OtherVintry2025
Alethea SilkIndependent / OtherWalbrook2025
James Thomson, DeputyIndependent / OtherWalbrook2025
Jeanette Newman (Alderwoman)Independent / OtherWalbrook2025

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