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City of London

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City of London Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Joyce Carruthers Nash, OBE, DeputyIndependent / OtherAldersgate2021
Barbara Patricia Newman, CBEIndependent / OtherAldersgate2021
Richard Peter CrossanLabour PartyAldersgate2021
Nicholas AnsteeIndependent / OtherAldersgate2021
Adrian Mark BastowIndependent / OtherAldersgate2021
Jeremy Mayhew MA, MBAIndependent / OtherAldersgate2021
Randall Keith AndersonIndependent / OtherAldersgate2021
Douglas BarrowIndependent / OtherAldgate2021
Peter Lionel Raleigh Hewitt, JP, FCSI, FRSAIndependent / OtherAldgate2021
Hugh Fenton MorrisIndependent / OtherAldgate2021
Dhruv PatelIndependent / OtherAldgate2021
Sylvia Doreen MoysIndependent / OtherAldgate2021
Andrien Gereith Dominic MeyersIndependent / OtherAldgate2021
Robert Allan Merrett, DeputyIndependent / OtherBassishaw2021
Timothy Russell Hailes JPIndependent / OtherBassishaw2021
Graeme HarrowerIndependent / OtherBassishaw2021
Jamie Ingham Clark, DeputyIndependent / OtherBillingsgate2021
Matthew RichardsonIndependent / OtherBillingsgate2021
Michael Welbank, MBEIndependent / OtherBillingsgate2021
The Rt Hon the Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, QCIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Andrew Paul MayerIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Simon D'Olier Duckworth, OBE, DLIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Prem Babu GoyalIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Tom Sleigh, DeputyIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Wendy Hyde, DeputyIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Pooja Suri TankIndependent / OtherBishopsgate2021
Sheriff William Anthony Bowater RussellIndependent / OtherBread Street2021
Oliver Arthur Wynlayne Lodge, TD, BScIndependent / OtherBread Street2021
Dr Giles Robert Evelyn Shilson, DeputyIndependent / OtherBread Street2021
Keith David Forbes Bottomley, DeputyIndependent / OtherBridge and Bridge Without2021
Timothy Charles LeveneIndependent / OtherBridge and Bridge Without2021
Sir Alan Colin Drake YarrowIndependent / OtherBridge and Bridge Without2021
Professor Michael Raymond Mainelli FCCA FCSI FBCSIndependent / OtherBroad Street2021
John George Stewart Scott, JP, BA, FRPSLIndependent / OtherBroad Street2021
John BennettIndependent / OtherBroad Street2021
Christopher Michael HaywardIndependent / OtherBroad Street2021
Kevin Malcolm Everett, DeputyIndependent / OtherCandlewick2021
James de SausmarezIndependent / OtherCandlewick2021
Dame Fiona WoolfIndependent / OtherCandlewick2021
Christopher Paul BodenIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Catherine McGuinness, DeputyIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Henrika Johanna Sofia PriestIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Ian David Luder JP BScIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Jeremy Lewis Simons, MScIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Michael HudsonIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Emma EdhemIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Graham David PackhamIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
Angus Knowles-CutlerIndependent / OtherCastle Baynard2021
The Lord Mountevans, Jeffrey EvansIndependent / OtherCheap2021
Tijs BroekeIndependent / OtherCheap2021
Nicholas Michael Bensted-SmithIndependent / OtherCheap2021
Alastair Michael Moss, DeputyIndependent / OtherCheap2021
Andrew Stratton McMurtrie, JPIndependent / OtherColeman Street2021
Stuart John Fraser, CBEIndependent / OtherColeman Street2021
Sir Peter EstlinIndependent / OtherColeman Street2021
Michael John Cassidy, DeputyIndependent / OtherColeman Street2021
Sophie Anne FernandesIndependent / OtherColeman Street2021
Sir Michael SnyderIndependent / OtherCordwainer2021
Tracey GrahamIndependent / OtherCordwainer2021
Sir Roger GiffordIndependent / OtherCordwainer2021
Alexander Robertson Martin BarrIndependent / OtherCordwainer2021
Ian Christopher Norman SeatonIndependent / OtherCornhill2021
The Revd Stephen Decatur Haines MA, DeputyIndependent / OtherCornhill2021
Robert Picton Seymour HowardIndependent / OtherCornhill2021
Peter Gerard DunphyIndependent / OtherCornhill2021
David Andrew GravesIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
David John Bradshaw, DeputyIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
William PimlottLabour PartyCripplegate2021
Stephen Douglas Quilter, BScIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
John Tomlinson, DeputyIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
Mark BostockIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
Mary DurcanLabour PartyCripplegate2021
Susan Jane PearsonIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
Vivienne Littlechild JPIndependent / OtherCripplegate2021
Mark Raymond Peter Henry Delano WheatleyIndependent / OtherDowgate2021
Alison GowmanIndependent / OtherDowgate2021
James Henry George Pollard, DeputyIndependent / OtherDowgate2021
Graeme Martyn SmithIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Vincent Thomas KeavenyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Karina DostalovaIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Thomas Alexander AndersonIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Clare James MAIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Matthew BellIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Ann HolmesIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Christopher HillIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
Richard David Regan, OBE, DeputyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Within2021
George Christopher AbrahamsIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Gregory Alfred LawrenceIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
James William David UptonIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Oliver Matthew SellsIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
John David Absalom, DeputyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Edward Lord, OBE, JP, DeputyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Gregory Jones QCIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Ruby SayedIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Wendy Mead, OBEIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Paul Nicholas MartinelliIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Caroline Kordai AddyIndependent / OtherFarringdon Without2021
Sir David Hugh WoottonIndependent / OtherLangbourn2021
Judith PleasanceIndependent / OtherLangbourn2021
Philip WoodhouseIndependent / OtherLangbourn2021
John Douglas ChapmanIndependent / OtherLangbourn2021
Thomas Cowley ClementiIndependent / OtherLime Street2021
Sir Charles Edward Beck BowmanIndependent / OtherLime Street2021
Elizabeth Rogula, DeputyIndependent / OtherLime Street2021
Henry Nicholas Almroth ColthurstIndependent / OtherLime Street2021
Dominic Gerard ChristianIndependent / OtherLime Street2021
Munsur AliLabour PartyPortsoken2021
Prem GoyalIndependent / OtherPortsoken2021
Henry Llewellyn Michael Jones, DeputyIndependent / OtherPortsoken2021
John William FletcherIndependent / OtherPortsoken2021
Jason Paul PritchardLabour PartyPortsoken2021
Brian Desmond Francis Mooney, MA, DeputyIndependent / OtherQueenhithe2021
Alastair John Naisbitt King, MScIndependent / OtherQueenhithe2021
Caroline Wilma HainesIndependent / OtherQueenhithe2021
Marianne Bernadette FredericksIndependent / OtherTower2021
Roger Arthur Holden ChadwickIndependent / OtherTower2021
Anne Helen FairweatherIndependent / OtherTower2021
Sir Paul JudgeIndependent / OtherTower2021
James Richard TumbridgeIndependent / OtherTower2021
Tom HoffmanIndependent / OtherVintry2021
The Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor, Dr Andrew Charles Parmley MusM Hon FGSIndependent / OtherVintry2021
Rehana Banu AmeerIndependent / OtherVintry2021
James Michael Douglas Thomson, DeputyIndependent / OtherWalbrook2021
Peter Gordon BennettIndependent / OtherWalbrook2021
John GarbuttIndependent / OtherWalbrook2021