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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLAB/LD/IND


Councillors:27 12 4 0 0 0 0 1 0

Broxtowe Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Richard JacksonConservative and UnionistAttenborough & Chilwell East02-05-2019
Eric KerryConservative and UnionistAttenborough & Chilwell East02-05-2019
Joan BriggsConservative and UnionistAttenborough & Chilwell East02-05-2019
Lydia Ball BEMConservative and UnionistAwsworth, Cossall & Trowell02-05-2019
Ken RigbyLiberal DemocratsAwsworth, Cossall & Trowell02-05-2019
Lynda LallyLabour PartyBeeston Central02-05-2019
Pat LallyLabour PartyBeeston Central02-05-2019
Barbara CarrLiberal DemocratsBeeston North02-05-2019
Steve CarrLiberal DemocratsBeeston North02-05-2019
Dawn ElliottLabour PartyBeeston Rylands02-05-2019
Teresa CullenLabour PartyBeeston Rylands02-05-2019
Greg MarshallLabour PartyBeeston West02-05-2019
Janet PatrickLabour PartyBeeston West02-05-2019
Jan GooldConservative and UnionistBramcote02-05-2019
Martin PlackettConservative and UnionistBramcote02-05-2019
John Anthony DoddyConservative and UnionistBramcote02-05-2019
John William HandleyConservative and UnionistBrinsley02-05-2019
Graham HarveyConservative and UnionistChilwell West02-05-2019
Eileen AthertonConservative and UnionistChilwell West02-05-2019
Tim BrindleyConservative and UnionistChilwell West02-05-2019
Tony HarperConservative and UnionistEastwood Hall02-05-2019
Milan Radulovic MBELabour PartyEastwood Hilltop02-05-2019
Susan BagshawLabour PartyEastwood Hilltop02-05-2019
Josie MarstersLiberal DemocratsEastwood St Mary's02-05-2019
David BagshawLabour PartyEastwood St Mary's02-05-2019
Mick BrownConservative and UnionistGreasley02-05-2019
Edward CubleyConservative and UnionistGreasley02-05-2019
Margaret HandleyConservative and UnionistGreasley02-05-2019
Mel CrowConservative and UnionistKimberley02-05-2019
Shane EasomConservative and UnionistKimberley02-05-2019
Richard RobinsonLabour PartyKimberley02-05-2019
Philip OwenConservative and UnionistNuthall East & Strelley02-05-2019
Paul SimpsonConservative and UnionistNuthall East & Strelley02-05-2019
Richard MacRaeIndependent / OtherStapleford North02-05-2019
John LongdonConservative and UnionistStapleford North02-05-2019
Adam StockwellConservative and UnionistStapleford South East02-05-2019
Christopher RiceConservative and UnionistStapleford South East02-05-2019
John McGrathLabour PartyStapleford South West02-05-2019
Ray DarbyLabour PartyStapleford South West02-05-2019
Lee FletcherConservative and UnionistToton & Chilwell Meadows02-05-2019
Stephanie KerryConservative and UnionistToton & Chilwell Meadows02-05-2019
Halimah Khaled MBEConservative and UnionistToton & Chilwell Meadows02-05-2019
Derek Burnett BEMConservative and UnionistWatnall & Nuthall West02-05-2019
Jill OwenConservative and UnionistWatnall & Nuthall West02-05-2019