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Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000010
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON



Fenland Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Alan GowlerConservative and UnionistChatteris North & Manea2027
Charlie MarksConservative and UnionistChatteris North & Manea2027
James CarneyConservative and UnionistChatteris North & Manea2027
Ian BenneyConservative and UnionistChatteris South2027
Anne HayConservative and UnionistChatteris South2027
Peter MurphyConservative and UnionistChatteris South2027
David ConnorConservative and UnionistDoddington & Wimblington2027
Maureen DavisConservative and UnionistDoddington & Wimblington2027
Matthew SummersIndependent / OtherElm & Christchurch2027
Dal RoyIndependent / OtherElm & Christchurch2027
Sam ClarkConservative and UnionistLeverington & Wisbech Rural2027
Christopher SeatonConservative and UnionistLeverington & Wisbech Rural2027
Brenda BarberConservative and UnionistLeverington & Wisbech Rural2027
Stuart HarrisConservative and UnionistMarch East2027
Mark PurserConservative and UnionistMarch East2027
John ClarkIndependent / OtherMarch East2027
Steve CountConservative and UnionistMarch North2027
Kim FrenchConservative and UnionistMarch North2027
Paul HicksIndependent / OtherMarch North2027
Gary ChristyConservative and UnionistMarch South2027
Jan FrenchConservative and UnionistMarch South2027
Tim TaylorConservative and UnionistMarch West & Benwick2027
Andrew WoollardConservative and UnionistMarch West & Benwick2027
Diane CutlerLiberal DemocratsParson Drove & Wisbech St Mary2027
Michael HumphreyConservative and UnionistParson Drove & Wisbech St Mary2027
Gavin BoothLiberal DemocratsParson Drove & Wisbech St Mary2027
Chris BodenConservative and UnionistWhittlesey East & Villages2027
Alex MiscandlonConservative and UnionistWhittlesey East & Villages2027
Haq NawazConservative and UnionistWhittlesey East & Villages2027
Jason MockettConservative and UnionistWhittlesey Lattersey2027
Dee LawsConservative and UnionistWhittlesey North West2027
Elisabeth CloughConservative and UnionistWhittlesey North West2027
Roy GerstnerIndependent / OtherWhittlesey South2027
Gurninder GillConservative and UnionistWhittlesey South2027
Lucie Foice-BeardConservative and UnionistWisbech North2027
Nick MeekinsConservative and UnionistWisbech Riverside2027
Dave OliverConservative and UnionistWisbech Riverside2027
Susan WallworkConservative and UnionistWisbech South2027
Samantha HoyConservative and UnionistWisbech South2027
Steve TierneyConservative and UnionistWisbech South2027
Billy RackleyConservative and UnionistWisbech Walsoken & Waterlees2027
Sidney ImafidonConservative and UnionistWisbech Walsoken & Waterlees2027
David PatrickIndependent / OtherWisbech Walsoken & Waterlees2027

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