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Council TypeCounty
ONS CodeE10000018
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON


Councillors:31 9 13 0 2 0 0 0 0

Leicestershire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Joe Orson JP CCConservative and UnionistAsfordby2107
John Coxon CCConservative and UnionistAshby de la Zouch2107
Byron Rhodes CCConservative and UnionistBelvoir2107
Iain Bentley CCConservative and UnionistBirstall2107
Geoff Welsh CCLiberal DemocratsBlaby and Glen Parva2107
David Snartt CCConservative and UnionistBradgate2107
Jo Fox CCLabour PartyBraunstone Town2107
Bill Liquorish JP CCConservative and UnionistBroughton Astley2107
Graham Hart CCConservative and UnionistBruntingthorpe2107
Keith Lynch CCLiberal DemocratsBurbage Castle2107
Stuart Bray CCLiberal DemocratsBurbage Castle2107
Trevor Pendleton CCConservative and UnionistCastle Donington2107
Dr Terri Eynon CCLabour PartyCoalville2107
David Jennings CCConservative and UnionistCosby and Countesthorpe2107
Janice Richards CCConservative and UnionistEarl Shilton2107
Jackie Dickinson CCConservative and UnionistEnderby Meridian2107
Sean Sheahan CCLabour PartyForest and Measham2107
Dr Kevin Feltham CCConservative and UnionistGartree2107
Lynton Yates CCUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glenfields2107
Ozzy O'Shea CCConservative and UnionistGroby and Ratby2107
Michael Mullaney CCLiberal DemocratsHinckley2107
David Bill MBE, CCLiberal DemocratsHinckley2107
Heather Worman CCLabour PartyIbstock and Appleby2107
Richard Blunt CCConservative and UnionistKirby Muxloe and Leicester Forest East2107
Simon Galton CCLiberal DemocratsLaunde2107
Jewel Miah CCLabour PartyLoughborough East2107
Betty Newton CCLabour PartyLoughborough North2107
Max Hunt CCLabour PartyLoughborough North West2107
Robert Sharp CCLabour PartyLoughborough South2107
Peter Lewis CCConservative and UnionistLoughborough South West2107
Rosita Page CCConservative and UnionistLutterworth2107
Ruth Camamile CCConservative and UnionistMallory2107
Ivan Ould CCConservative and UnionistMarket Bosworth2107
Dr Sarah Hill CCLiberal DemocratsMarket Harborough East2107
Blake Pain CCConservative and UnionistMarket Harborough West and Foxton2107
David Sprason CCUK Independence Party (UKIP)Markfield Desford and Thornton2107
Pam Posnett CCConservative and UnionistMelton North2107
Alan Pearson CCConservative and UnionistMelton South2107
Terry Richardson CCConservative and UnionistNarborough and Whetstone2107
Jeffrey Kaufman CCLiberal DemocratsOadby2107
Dean Gamble CCLiberal DemocratsOadby2107
Tony Kershaw CCConservative and UnionistQuorn and Barrow2107
Peter Osborne CCConservative and UnionistRothley and Mountsorrel2107
Christine Radford CCConservative and UnionistShepshed2107
Richard Shepherd CCConservative and UnionistSileby and The Wolds2107
Ernie White CCConservative and UnionistStanton Croft and Normanton2107
Dave Houseman MBE, CCConservative and UnionistSyston Fosse2107
Stephen Hampson CCConservative and UnionistSyston Ridgeway2107
Kate Knaggs CCLabour PartyThurmaston2107
Nicholas Rushton CCConservative and UnionistValley2107
Michael Wyatt CCLiberal DemocratsWarren Hills2107
Leon Spence CCConservative and UnionistWhitwick2107
Michael Charlesworth CCLiberal DemocratsWigston Bushloe2107
Helen Loydall CCLiberal DemocratsWigston Poplars2107
Bill Boulter CCLiberal DemocratsWigston South2107

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